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Old 09-08-2021, 12:59 PM
ranger1850 ranger1850 is offline
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Default Flicker shads and trolling speeds

I got advice that I need to up my speed and it has really produced fish in Northeast Ohio lake. I vary the speed from 2.8 to 3.2. Depths vary from 8 to 16 feet. I am using a number 7 Flicked had in various colors. The last two trips ended up with 3 walleye over 3 lbs and one at 8.5 pounds. The next trip was 5 keeper bass with the biggest at 19 inches 5 pounds. I will take inventory at the end of the year and add at least 24 for next year. I will buy at $3.99 or 3 packs if colors are of my liking. I also will add a few shad raps but only on sale.

I have used Fleet Farm, Frank's, The Reel Shot, Vandam warehouse, and Cabelas. If you have any other suggestions on where to purchase let me know. I will also check out Fins and Feathers and Dicks

I went back online and found that Sheels had all of the colors I like to use at the $3.99 price and the size 7. Shipping free over $50 but did get taxed. I was able to order 3 of one that was good this year and 2 of a couple of other colors. I ended up ordering 13 size 7 of the Flicker Shad

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Old 09-08-2021, 06:38 PM
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varying the speed when trolling on different days in the same and different waters always require testing trolling speed to discover the optimum speed.

Sometimes dead slow.
Sometimes frighteningly fast.
Other times in between.

The fish, by either striking at or biting the hooks or not - will quickly mandate your necessary speed and speed variation for the day and the body of water.

Be safe
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