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Old 03-14-2019, 01:13 PM
DW DW is offline
Join Date: Jan 2004
Posts: 1,891

I use a Cree LED adjustable beam. $9.99 and uses AAA batteries.

Also, a Dorsy floating, waterproof LED for $6.98 which has a traditional feel do it and is tough.
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Old 03-14-2019, 01:51 PM
Suzuki Suzuki is offline
Charter Member
Join Date: Nov 1999
Location: Woodbury, Minnesota, USA.
Posts: 4,554

Another vote for Streamlight. I have a rechargeable model that is amazing.
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Old 03-14-2019, 04:22 PM
John N's Avatar
John N John N is online now
Join Date: May 2008
Location: Home of the Hawkeyes
Posts: 348

Have enjoyed the Surefire lights for years, with CR123 lithium batteries that have a very long shelf life (years).
G2X Pro LED in yellow (I can find it when I drop it, or in a dark area) is a favorite. About $60, extremely durable.

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Old 03-14-2019, 05:07 PM
85Aluma 85Aluma is offline
Join Date: Apr 2016
Location: Northern Wisconsin
Posts: 213
Default light

I have had older Streamlight . Bought 2 Nitecore 30 , they are phenomenal ! Multiple settings 1000 lumen max . Compact design takes a single 18650 battery. Only negative would be they get quite warm on highest setting, other than that best led light i have ever owned ! For the price and warranty , you will find it hard to beat them . Nitecore also makes a multitude of other lights.
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Old 03-14-2019, 05:27 PM
jjunge jjunge is offline
Join Date: Apr 2007
Location: Nebraska.
Posts: 176

As for stream light I for got to mention. Their customer service is top notch. If your switch goes or the gaskets go bad just send it in with $ 10.00 for return shipping. They fix the light for free.

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Old 03-14-2019, 05:45 PM
Custom Eyes Custom Eyes is offline
Join Date: Feb 2013
Location: NE Michigan
Posts: 6,902

I'm phasing out all my non-rechargeable flashlights soon. Just too much darn money in batteries, no matter what type they take. If you use the flashlight fairly often, the upgrade to a rechargeable model pays for itself many times over. And I don't mean AA or AAA batteries you have to remove to charge. Those don't last long at all and your light will generally be dimmer because they're less volts than disposables. The batteries in Streamlights are amazing. Around 7 years and still going. It get's anywhere from 15-45+ minutes of use, every day, 365 days a year, taking dogs out, checking on home farm critters, and other things. Since I've owned it, I would have probably spent 100's of $ on disposable batteries in it.
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Old 03-14-2019, 10:04 PM
kliph's Avatar
kliph kliph is offline
Charter Member
Join Date: Aug 2002
Location: Western NY State
Posts: 2,244

I have a lot of flashlights, but only one EDC:
OLIGHT 90 Lumens i3E EOS PMMA TIR Lens AAA Flashlight Compact Keychain Flashlite EDC Flashlight.
2014, 1950 Crestliner.

Still trying to figure out why we have to register our boats!! Does the money make the waves smaller?
Does it just go into the general fund to be squandered?
US Army, 67-69, Vietnam..
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Old 03-20-2019, 09:16 PM
Anonymouse Anonymouse is offline
Join Date: Jun 2010
Posts: 250

Originally Posted by hawg View Post
Every led ive ever owned, and most were cheapies, seemed to eat batteries super fast. Even just sitting unused they seem to run down batteries. Anybody else have this problem or am I just cursed?
Nope, not cursed.
That's why they invented rechargable bacheries.
Alkaloid bacheries discharge by themselves too (12 months or more), albeit far slower than Ni-CAD (30 days) or Ni-MH (2 months or up to 6 months for the "Enerloop" technology ones).

Personally Anonymouse uses a cheapo Menard's Guidesman single LED with (4) AAA bacheries that has an adjustable beam focus (slide the shaft head in or out to get from 6' diameter beam down to 1' diameter beam from 5' shoulder height).
Silver-ish aluminum tube, a little under 6"x1", with a 2-mode (steady or rapid strobe), rubber-coated button switch located on the butt end inside a raised circumferance edge.
It cost like $4.99 on special, several years ago.
Use it EVERY SINGLE DAY, typically for a few minutes at a time, and a fully bright bulb recharge lasts maybe 1 hour total, with another hour of reduced power left in the rechargeable bacheries after that.
Wish it had a strap but - oh well....
Not military-grade bright but a lot brighter than the cheapie ones that only use 2 or 3 bacheries.

Owning several LED handy flashlights, definitely go for one that uses (4) bacheries instead of just (3).
Brighter, and last longer.
Don't buy ones with the button switch on the side - guaranteed problems within 12 months.

For area lighting Anonymouse bought a 2-pack of these red plastic square flashlights at Menard's that have 3 modes (3 LED beam & 6 LED bright/dim modes area light on the other end).
They have a rubber head around the beam end to stand up on for area lighting.
Anonymouse was SHOCKED at how long the (3) AA alkaline bacheries last in low light area mode - all night easily.
In fact, still haven't exhausted the original (3) alkaline AA it came with.
Excellent emergency travel light for the vehicle & dirt cheap at $6 for the pair.

Head Lamp was courtesy of the local cable guy, who forgot his after a service call.
Charter/Spectrum can afford to replace it.

Last edited by Anonymouse; 03-20-2019 at 09:22 PM.
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Old 03-21-2019, 02:49 AM
Ches Ches is offline
Join Date: Nov 2015
Location: Muskego, WI
Posts: 363

I like the NEBO's. I have maybe 4 of the small 250 lmn versions, and a few of the larger 1000 Lmn units. I have a lot of the high output ones from E-bay from china that use the 18650 batteries, but the switches are the weak link. You end up shaking them to get them to work. I do like the head lamps from china that use either 18650 batteries or AA's. I just got two NEBO headlamps that are smaller and work better for night fishing. I get my NEBO,s from Amazon or E-bay based on price.
2013 Lund Pro Guide 2010,150 Vrod w/Simons Flash, Helix 12 Chirp SI GN1 & MG2N
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Old 01-15-2020, 01:18 AM
MollyTaylor MollyTaylor is offline
Join Date: Jan 2020
Posts: 1

I really like to share that one of the best source, Top Flash Lights.
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