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Old 12-05-2008, 08:10 PM
dirty underpants dirty underpants is offline
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I guess I just realized that with no "iron in the fire", the AM's are spotters.

It don't matter what the team catches. Their tournament "winnings" come from the raffle. Less opportunity for a pro to try and bend the rules when their co. gets no benefit from it.

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Old 12-05-2008, 08:29 PM
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I think it could work,but there are several that just want to keep poking that stick-LMAO & always will be. The one thing that I think should be changed is the top 10 co anglers should get to fish the 3rd day. That would at least be something for their "luck of the draw" & accomplishment. I do like the idea of the CRR,plays very well to negative publicity about tournament survival rate , but have to agree with some of the doubters about people wanting to see fish . I think a better option would be to lower the fish brought †o the scales to 1-3 fish/team. Allowing you to have more fish in the boat during the day,but must be released before taking off to check in.
I do want to say Kudo's again AIM , for trying something new & different. That is the only way to find out what will work best. For the "guests": NO,I am not affiliated with AIM & probably will not fish a tourney next year with them, but WILL in the future.......... Steve Hammons
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Old 12-05-2008, 08:46 PM
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Wow... pretty surprised at what I am reading... and after thinking about it for 30 minutes two words keep coming to mind, "total joke" Who wants to go to a weigh in to look at photos? And what incentive is there for the coangler to be the watchdog of the pro since the coangler has nothing riding on the days catch. I can see where a coangler might be bought off to look the other way as the pro fudges some measurements. All of us know that 2 fish of the same length do not weigh the same... that is going to be a huge mess.

As for co-anglers, wow, pay $250 to get to pump up the pot for the pros, what a great deal! 100 coanglers puts 25,000 in the pot for the pros. At least with the old PWT format and the current FLW you have the luck of the draw to get a pro that is on the fish and had a chance to win cash or prizes based on who you drew as a pro and how you fished as a team. I have fished these before and so have friends where without the coangler the team would have goose egged for the day. AIM would have been better off to offer free ride alongs as observers than to charge $250 to enter a cooler lottery. Now the only incentive to enter is to get to fish with a legendary pro and be their boat boy/girl and hope that your name gets drawn for a prize... well, even the legendary pros put their pants on one leg at a time, these guys are nothing out of the ordinary besides the fact they get to fish a little bit more than the average guy. AIM is relying on the star struck factor to draw co-anglers... this is not going to work. When you can sell a "Legendary Pro Angler's" autograph for over $1 then maybe the star struck co-angler idea might fly. If AIM really wanted to draw co anglers they should have offered cash prizes based on results. I was thinking about fishing as a co-angler, but not now, I think I will play the lottery where I have a chance to win money, not a cooler!

This thing looks like a scam to me... a new innovation to make the legendary anglers money. The press releases are trying to sugar coat the facts, but the people are smarter than they think and can see right through it!

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Old 12-06-2008, 09:31 AM
stpper stpper is offline
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Default Not a scam

This thing looks like a scam to me... a new innovation to make the legendary anglers money. The press releases are trying to sugar coat the facts, but the people are smarter than they think and can see right through it![/QUOTE]

No scam here, but the inovation, which started with getting a selected group to invest (the legendary anglers) is clearly centered on taking care of them, giving them a new stage to promote on behalf of their sponsors. Frankly I have no problem with their intiative; it the american way. Also, it does give co-anglers a good chance to fish at a very resonable price, which I think is the strongest benefit I've seen on the creation of A.I.M.
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Old 12-06-2008, 10:42 AM
Vikings Fan
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Question Not A Good Move

This unproven tournament format opens up a whole new can of worms of more potential problems.
As a Pro what if your camera(s) fail? The batteries go dead? Or other camera issues?
The camera(s) gets wet or bounced out of the boat?
The transfer of data fails?
How exciting is it for spectators to watch the compilation of a data transfer. What kind of draw or excitement is this format for spectators? Will it create more excitement or less? Will it bring any new people (consumers) into the sport. Which by the way, isn't that what potential sponsors really need?
You are reading a reply from a angler that has already lost or ruined three digital cameras while fishing.

The role of a Co-Angler has obviously been discounted in this format. Granted the entry fee is less. Still all the other expenses for a co-angler will stay the same or continue to go up. No reward, compensation and no championship to qualify for is not competitive with what other competing circuits have to offer co-anglers.

Getting off the ground in the first year with a well sponsored tournament circuit that did not have an experimental format would have been a more positive approach in my opinion. Not just for AIM, but for sponsors, competitors, co-anglers and spectators alike. At least that is how it would appear to me. While I would like to support the basic concept of AIM, this release has me really shaking my head.
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Old 12-06-2008, 12:08 PM
Wait a minute
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Default NPAA Huh

Wait a minute. I just reread this thing. The AIM guys are having their meeting the same time the NPAA is having their meeting. So AIM really is an off-shoot of the NPAA? Or is this AIM meeting a way for the NPAA to absorb some of the costs of the AIM meeting?

Man-o-man this stinks. So NPAA members are now going to be prodded to get involved with AIM? So the "AIM agenda" whatever that is, is going to be shoved down the throats of NPAA members and potential members?

Guys, get your own meeting dates, separate from the NPAA. Good lord, this is a bad deal.
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Old 12-06-2008, 12:14 PM
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As I read the press release I think back to the initial statments that were made to try and convince people (myself included as I am an angler that has and will be competing on the boater side of another circuit) to be an investor in the AIM business. One word stands out, "Premier". This is to be the premier circuit in the industry, as a fortunate person in the hindsight realm (its always 20-20 right?)
I now ask myself was I A) stupid for not investing $5000 in this company that plans to have the angler at the forefront for angler promotion and format or B)stupid for not getting a lifetime membership for $4000 so I don't need to pay the additional $250 entry per tourney. or C) a wise tournament angler (Oxy-moron i know) that weighed the options and saved the $5000 for entries in AIM tournaments, added to the entry $'s for the other circuit I planned to fish already.

I didn't have a plan D until I read the release yesterday. Break it down

Co-angler raffle for the 3rd day- everyone is competitive, not all at the same level we'd all agree. none the less telling someone before they even start fishing that you won't be fishing a 3rd day simply because you weren't lucky enough to draw the right #? Won't we all perform better, try harder if there is incentive (for the Co angler, another day on the water with an "elite" angler in this case ) involved?

Co-angler raffle for prizes- I refer to the previous statement of competitiveness in everyone. fish better, help the pro more and get a better incentive. Make sense?

Photos at the weigh in- Does everyone realize what the photo's will be????? A pic of a fish, 2 hands (holding it down to the bump stick ) and the floor!!!!! Does this create excitement among the youth that we are so desperatly trying to get back into the sport???? THis answer I know!

Photo of fish length-Has anyone ever tried to do this themselves? In this case measuring to an 1/8th inch(I'm making an assumption on the gradient level) in a moving boat, getting both head (assuring contact at the bump end) and the piched tail measurement in the same photo, with detail to read it. The pro will probably need to be holding the fish down, the co taking the photo. Problem here is any times co's haven't been in some of the big water conditions that the pro has and are not used to the conditions, stability is key and making a perfect photo for pro or co near impossible. What about rain? digital camera, rain and freezing conditions? We never fish in stuff like that right? I have my...... doubts (well more than doubt but...)
Photos will need to be time stamped, and verified, downloaded, the fish to be measured, pulled from the chip and presented on stage. THink about whether that will be an exciting weigh-in??

Sponsors and payout. This is the real concern. I understand AIM is a start up and will have a more difficult time recruiting sponsors regardless. If you were a sponsor looking at the format and the promotional opportunity what would you tell them if they came knocking at your door?

Angler promotion- simply put, photos of fish will have no anglers in it just hands, a ruler and carpet. How as a pro can I get more exposure here than any other circuit (esp for the $1500 or $1750)? THis is what I was led to believe when I was courted last spring to invest. No weigh-in fish pics (the team for the day with fish) or pics for the local paper? Isn't that one of the reasons why the community is paying the monies (be it big or small amount) to have them come to town? Create excitement??

Not following slots or size minimums- a little skeptical (it appears as I write this I'm pretty skeptical of the fact so far, sorry just my observations) while a nice thought it really may have negative repercussions to the communities as no cull tournaments limit the fish hooked and caught during a day. This format will promote continued catching rather than 6 (or the livewell possession limit) fish and you must quit. A negative impact on a fishery as the catching fish will stress and ipact the fishery more so than a tourament following slot and no-cull rules.

My opinion is the ball was dropped, unfortunately for us the tourney anglers. Some of the former PWT anglers will have to push the AIM circuit as they may not have anywhere else to play. I understand that and wish them the best. As one who also makes his living in this business, business is business and we need to mnake decisions on what will be best for each. AIM just isn't what's best for me and the above was just thoughts to maybe help AIM look at issues that they WILL have, not may have.

Enough for now suffice to say, I'll follow the plan D for next year. Fish the other Tour, some local fun tournies and maybe an MWC. THe opportunity was there and I was looking forward to fishing some of the sites with AIM next year. combined with payout, ($150,000 total purse--- full field) the investment doesn't come close to balancing the the total opportunity (promotion, future, exposure, payout)

Peace, Love, Peace , Love
Quoted from "Ringo"
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Old 12-06-2008, 01:06 PM
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Default wont work

Im not scientist, but this lenght vs weight system is not going to work. Yea a 30 in walleye in spring should go 10 - 13 lbs, but after spawn you loose half the weight, so there goes the formula, same with other sizes of fish. Unless thats what the pic is for. But it wont work they way they want it to, in my litte opinion. Just look a people some are fat and some skinny, but all might be the same height. Simple example.

Having fished as an amature a couple times the fee to enter if ok, but the random prize drawing sucks, it just sucks. I can enter a raffel anywhere, alot of times for free. What if its a jiggin and rigging bite, and an amature catches all the fish, it does happen too, all your hard work should be rewarded other than a drawing. I know you also get pro advice when entering, but i fished with "pros" who didnt know there butts from there face. So sometimes that didnt work out either.

I hope my opinion isnt too bad, i know some others will side with me and others wont, i wish them all the luck, but i dont think it will last too long for them.

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Old 12-06-2008, 01:36 PM
Red Headed Step Child
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Default who lives

This is simply an observation from the sidelines. The most overlooked aspect that I witnessed from the PWT were the Armatures or Co/Anglers, call them whatever you like. Even the PWT did not cater to them in the least bit. They the PWT catered only to the so-called big boys doing the fishing. They as in the big boys even act like they are such. Just try to have a conversation with one of them; they are far too good for that. It now appears as though AIM did not learn from this at all…very simply put is when have you ever seen (outside of the FLW) any recognition given to a Co/Angler…the answer is simple not one single time. AIM will further that to allow the Amateur to be a token in his/her boat, to not take a part in the tournament except to observe…to not be competitive in the tournament…the results do not matter from a Co-Angler’s perspective. Co-Anglers would be better to take there money to a blackjack table…as least you get to play.

If I’m a big sponsor – like Berkley – Mercury – Cabelas – or even RANGER. I would have to ask myself one question….100 elite pro fishermen that I can market to and/or sponsor or should I pay a little more attention to the millions of other fisherman (called amateurs), I believe these guys the amateurs are spending the bulk of all monies in the fishing industry.

AIM/NPAA – Certainly two peas in the same pot. The same people patting the same backs. The same directorship, getting the sponsors dollars and controlling all activities. I’m beginning to think that this is a conspiracy.

Good Luck AIM, it appears as though your Ego’s are in front of any common sense or logical thought process. There is still time to fix this problem. I’m sure you will find that it genuinely is just that a PROBLEM.
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Old 12-06-2008, 02:06 PM
Funny You
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Default God Forbid

God forbid if you're an NPAA member and you fish FLW or MWC events. And God forbid if FLW and MWC also think it makes sense to come to a NPAA meeting that includes many of their anglers and discuss the future of their events the same as AIM is doing. And surely God forbid that the co-anglers now are in a raffle for prizes versus a drawing to see if they get lucky enough to draw the right Pro's to win prizes. God forbid if a new tournament format is planned that deviates from the failed PWT history.

God forbid AIM!

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