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Old 09-13-2010, 08:28 AM
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Ash River does not flow directly into Kab.
The Ash River flows into Sullivan Bay which dumps into Kab.
2 weeks ago the river was very dirty. What it looked like by the time it got through Sullivan Bay I don't know. I'm going up Wednesday and could report in Thursday if that helps ya.

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Old 09-13-2010, 09:14 AM
Londalip Londalip is offline
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Default Kab

I just got back last night, 6 of us fished hard Thursday, Friday, Sat, and Sunday (till 3:00)
It was a real hit and miss deal. Blow real hard yesterday. ( I really shouldn't had went out) most of the action was at the twin alligators,(You'll see the Border Patrol house) 38ft-45ft. Now on the North side of Cemetery Island you'll find 3 small island get up tight and drift back (south shoreline was better then the north) start in 17 ft (real close to the rocks) and don't be afraid of 50 ft. Some guys clamned they caught fish near wolf pack, I didn't. Now if you decide to go to Kettle Falls You'll have to hit Mica Bay about two thirds of the way up (on the south side) you'll see a small creek coming in. drift back about 500 feet maybe a bit further you'll find a hump or maybe a reef comes up to 12 ft out of 30"s thats where I had my best luck. If you looking for big fish I will wish you luck. most of ours were smaller then years past and the fish I though back on Thursday I kept on Sunday. They say there were larger fish on Pike Island but it blow to hard for me to make that run. I believe the lake just turn over so you'll take one or two and it will shut down for an hour. nice crappies are being caught in Hoist Bay near the shacks that the loggers worked #3rd rock to the left. caught a couple in the 2lb range, nice fish anywhere.
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Old 09-14-2010, 05:50 PM
Walleye Wagon Walleye Wagon is offline
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Default Locations

I have a Navonics Map...we are staying at Driftwood...can you help locate Sunken Island which I is approximately (1) mile from camp...also, where is Hoist Boy and Twin Alligator Island--I found Twin Island--the map shows me everything from the far west side of Kab (where most of the camps are located) over to Namakon---have you fished Namakon for crappies? Dutch Bay area---also, north end of lake?

Thank you for the great information. We arrive on Saturday. Looking forward to wetting a line!
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Old 09-17-2010, 02:42 PM
turnercity turnercity is offline
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Hey walleye wagon. Just got back from Kabetogama on sunday. Kinda of a hard walleye bite. Def the best way was juggin heavy jigs with minn. took most fish in 28 to 50 ft of water. pretty windy. Get in behind an island group and drift over the reefs toward the deeper water. The bite feels like your hittin the bottom. Very lite, but they are there. Also, check out Martin islands. Stayed at Driftwood myself.
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