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Old 12-03-2021, 12:03 PM
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Default Trip To the Range Yesterday

Wife and I went to a gun range here in Alabama for the first time. Different than I am used to when I lived in Michigan. Range in Michigan had no range boss, you just worked it out with any other guys when the the range was hot or cold. Here you have an approximate 20 minute hot session and then a full blown cold session. All weapons unloaded, actions open, with a neon plastic weed wacker piece in the chamber and sticking out. You can either go check or replace your target down range or you must step away from the firing line behind a yellow line with no weapon. Good rules but something kind of intimidating the first time under those conditions.

As an aside it cost my wife and I $75 in range fees and ammo after adding it all up. That surprised me. I just never calculated the cost until after we were driving home. Anyway, fun day and after shooting four different handguns I still like the feel and accuracy of my Beretta 92FS.
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Old 12-29-2021, 06:01 PM
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I am a member of three club ranges in Michigan, and have shot on two Michigan Department of Natural Resource pubic ranges, both supervised and unsupervised. I am also a competitive shooter and have shot at ranges in several different states. Rented space on a range in Texas when my daughter was stationed there with the Army. There is a big difference with supervised and unsupervised ranges, with each having its pro's and con's. Have to go with the flow of each range. I have found the unsupervised ranges very safe. Supervised ranges seem restrictive to me, but have their purpose.
Texas about a year ago I paid $60 for my daughter and I to shoot at a range for the entire day. Had to share the bay with several other people for the two hours we were there. That did not include ammo. The most expensive range I belong to is a $100 a year with access via card controlled gate between 9am and dusk, 360 days a year.
I try not to think about the money going out the barrel (ammo) right now.
Glad you and your wife had fun.
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