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Old 12-12-2020, 09:14 AM
clawman clawman is online now
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Originally Posted by Real1 View Post
There is a 2000 version of the Shimano Vanford that looks very interesting. It has the body of a series 1000 with a bigger spool. Really nice for walleye fishing.
I wonder what Shimano's overall strategy is with the Vanford series. It appears they may be going to eliminate the Ci4 since the two reels are so similar. Adding a 2000 size and 3000 size overlap the 2500 size we are all familiar with. Hmmm ???
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Old 12-12-2020, 12:43 PM
Moff Moff is offline
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Originally Posted by clawman View Post
I wonder what Shimano's overall strategy is with the Vanford series. It appears they may be going to eliminate the Ci4 since the two reels are so similar. Adding a 2000 size and 3000 size overlap the 2500 size we are all familiar with. Hmmm ???
The strategy was to get rid of the Stradic name off that model. The Vanford was announced in July at the ICAST fishing trade show as the replacement. The 2000 size is a great midpoint, it is a large spool 1000 frame. The 3000 is a large spool with a T handle of a 2500 frame. In the JDM market the 2000 size is much more common. Hopefully they will bring that 2000 size more to the US to compete with Daiwa and their 2000 sizing.

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Old 12-14-2020, 08:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Moff View Post
Ok, so here it goes.

First off to correct the misinformation.
The Shimano Vanford may have 6+1 bearings but that is only at the size 500. All the other models are 7+1. The Shimano Sustain that was incredibly highly touted is 8+1. The Vanford and Sustain use the same Shimano Anti-Rust Shielded bearing (to be picky, Shimano lists various different bearings in their reel schematics).

The various levels of bearings are noted by the ABEC grade. ABEC Rating: The “Annular Bearing Manufacturers Association” has a committee that sets standards for bearing precision called the “Annular Bearing Engineers Committee” – “ABEC”.

ABEC 1 is the lowest level of bearing that is considered “Precision”. ABEC 1 bearings are specified on three variables:

Bore – The Inside Diameter of the bearing – also measured as the size of the shaft (inner cone) that the bearings revolve around.
Radial Run Out – The roundness of the actual races.
Ring Width Variation – The consistency of the width between the inner and outer bearing rings. The more consistent the ring width around the entire bearing, the smoother the balls can roll between the rings and the higher the precision.
ABEC 3 bearings are rated on the same three dimensions as ABEC 1, although at tighter tolerances. For example, an ABEC 1 bearing will have .0003mm of Radial Run Out (roundness variation), while an ABEC 3 has only .0002mm of variation.

ABEC 5 bearings not only have tighter tolerances on the three core variables above, but they must also adhere to set standards on additional dimensional items within the bearing as established by ABEC. These additional tolerances provide greater precision and lower rolling resistance. The differences between a Grade 3 and 5 bearing for cycling are noticeable and many companies use Grade 5 for this reason. Grade 7 bearings tighten the tolerances further still.

Ok, definitions done. If you go out to any bearing website, some anecdotal prices are that I found. You can get ABEC 3 bearings around $4 each. ABEC 5 shielded bearings around $9 each and ABEC 7 shielded around $10 each. Also, full ceramic ABEC 5 and 7 run $40 - $70 each. Those are the retail prices, so obviously Shimano and Daiwa for example get a much better price with their volume.

Shimano and Daiwa do not list their ABEC rating on their website but you can extrapolate this.
If you buy a bearing based on your reel from Shimano directly, it should run you anywhere from 2.50ish to 7ish bucks.
Daiwa on their website lists standard ball bearing, CRBB Sealed bearings, and then mag sealed bearings.

So moral of the story is, no you cannot compare a Daiwa Regal bearing count to a Vanford or Sustain. It is in a whole different class of reel. That doesn't mean the Regal is junk, it is just at a different price point so it has different internals. Bearings cost money, and they add up quickly. If you are looking at a $60 dollar reel and they jam 10+ bearings in there, that just means they had to put cheaper bearings in to achieve that price point. If you chewed up your bearing budget say at $4 each x 10, and you still need your retailer to make a profit. See where I'm going with this?

The only time where you should be looking at a reel and say wow it has 10 bearings, is a Stella or an Exist.
Thanks Moff for the info!
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