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Old 07-24-2020, 03:34 PM
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You made note of tubing and had a planing speed of 20 mph.

I agree that for tubing with children it is nice to have a planing speed of about 15 mph.

A different prop is not likely to help with planing speed very much.

However, trim tabs make a huge difference.

On my boat the tab up planing speed is about 18 mph.

However, with tabs down, the planing speed is about 13 mph.

I have tried over a dozen different aluminum and stainless props over the years of boat owner ship on this particular boat. No matter how high or low the motor was mounted and no matter what prop was on the plane, I never really found much change in the actual speed for the boat to get on plane. Different props made a huge difference on the distance, as well as time required to get on plane, but not the speed so much.

I also agree that to quickly hone in a prop to ball park range, the use of multiple props can certainly help.

But, it sounds to me that you are already pretty close. I am guessing that for general use, you will be happy with a 17 pitch stainless prop of appropriate design and manufacture.

But, for tubing, you may very well wish to pitch down and to have a 15 pitch prop for that use.

But, if that is the case, I would purchase an aluminum 15 pitch for the times you want to tube or ski, and then purchase the very best stainless prop in a 17 pitch.

Take care
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Old 07-24-2020, 04:10 PM
REW REW is offline
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Join Date: Nov 1999
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Posts: 38,117

By the way, I use the Naticus Smart tabs with the happy troller accessory on my boat.

I mount the tabs so that with the happy troller lever in the retracted position, the tabs are at the same angle as the rest of the hull in the area of the transom.

I had initially mounted them per their instructions at 1/4 inch above the back of the transom.
But, I found that in this position, that even when retracted, the tabs affected my top speed. So, I remounted them at 1 inch above the bottom of the transom.

If I don't have the need for the tabs, I leave the happy troller lever in the retracted position. But, when I want the tabs active, I drop the happy troller to the engaged position that places the tabs at a considerable down angle. But, at speed, the gas shocks allow the tabs to become elevated and to also act as shock absorbers so that when the boat goes over a wake there is one bow rise, and then the boat is back flat running on plane.

In addition, when engaged, the bow rise on acceleration from a standing start is almost non existent. It also gives the boat planing speed a significant reduction in on plane speed.





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