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Old 11-13-2021, 05:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Pooch View Post
Just luck of the draw either way. We've spent many extra hours on both ends coming in and going out. Never had an extra overnight, but missed hotel connections on the way home and drove half the night until we found a room.

We've been in the air halfway to the lake and turned around before, too. There is a ridge north east of Red Lake, ON that sometimes blocks float planes from getting over when weather turns sour. That has held us up several times back in the day.

Just part of the experience. I still think about all the people on 9-11 that were at outpost lakes and had no idea what was happening and were stranded for days not knowing anything about the attack or why no one came to get them. That would have been unnerving to say the least. I did have acquaintances who were in Alaska on their way home with frozen meats and lost all of it when coolers sat for days in the airport. That would have been a kick in the butt, too.


Wow, that is wild on 9/11 and I wonder how long some of them waited in remote outposts and if supplies were dwindling.

The fly-ins are a neat experience but remote drive in or boat ins have their pluses also.

Hope all the corn and beans are in and take care.
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Old 11-13-2021, 07:38 PM
gordy28 gordy28 is offline
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In 4 trips we have been stuck once for an extra day and on 1 other we were out quite late due to weather. The time we got stuck we were lucky to get out the morning we did. After we got back to the float plane base they stopped flying and I know a few groups were stuck another night.
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Old 11-14-2021, 11:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Net_Man View Post
Not sure on exact count but maybe 20 plus fly-ins. Always flew in and flew out on the date scheduled. Had a few flights with short delays and a couple of flights that when we landed I wish we would not have taken off.....

When you happen to get lucky and get to ride in the co-pilots seat and you get banged around hitting your window followed by hitting the pilot next to you most of the flight that maybe you should not have taken off.
An addition from this trip - We had 8 in our party and we flew in with 2 planes which I was in the 2nd plane. During this flight I was getting quite nervous and I kept looking at the pilot and he seemed to be calm. If this flight took another 15 minutes I might have had to use the barf bag.

Once at the dock I spoke with a person from our group that flew in the co-pilot seat on the first plane. He said that he was quite nervous during the flight and when he looked at his pilot that he was white as a ghost. I asked him on where his pilot was and he stated that he was lying on the couch in the cabin....
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Old 11-14-2021, 11:29 AM
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I would think the safest plane to fly in would be a small plane in the Canadian bush. If the pilot needs to set it down there is water everywhere and no houses to hit.

Commercial flights I never get nervous. If anything really bad happens it always ends the same way. No sense worrying about it.
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Old 11-14-2021, 12:10 PM
pjshorthorn pjshorthorn is offline
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Over the last 45 years, I probably have taken the better part of 1000 flights.....commercial and float planes. Iíve never worried about a flight in all of my traveling as the only thing Iím in control of is boarding the plane and buckling my seatbelt.

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Old 11-14-2021, 01:04 PM
Ogoki Ogoki is offline
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This was pre radio at outpost days . Was to be flown out on a Friday morning. Bad front came thru on Thursday . Sat in cabin and watched the wind and rain . While munching on Fritos , I had a filling come out . Even breathing air across cavity was painful . Plane finally showed up on Sunday afternoon. 2 extra nights in camp . Pilot picked up my wife and I in an Otter and informed us that he had a family to pick up 25 miles north . Got them and when we landed at base my tooth sent me a big sharp pain . Lady sitting next to me asked what happened. I told her about the filling coming out . She pointed to her husband and said he is a dentist . He gave me stuff to put in the cavity called “ Cavit” . Said to let it harden . Did at motel and the next day we flew in with my aunt and uncle for another week . Got home and had it repaired a couple weeks later . What’s the chance of running into a dentist like that ?

On another trip , my first fly in at age 16 , with same uncle , we flew in out of Hawk Junction . Spent an extra night in the bush . Out of 45 fly ins , only twice did we not get out on scheduled day .
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Old 11-15-2021, 07:25 AM
Bill Krejca Bill Krejca is offline
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Some years ago, a friend and I shared a car ride to the All-Canada Show with an acquaintance. He told us of flying in to a camp with a young pilot. On the fly out, a week later, another pilot picked the crew up, turned out the younger pilot had suddenly died shortly after returning to base after the prior week's drop-off. So stuff happens.

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Old 11-15-2021, 09:41 AM
NM_Trout NM_Trout is online now
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Speaking of 9/11... if you have access to Apple TV, watch the musical called "Come From Away". Based on a true story, and very well done.
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Old 11-24-2021, 10:18 PM
TMF89 TMF89 is offline
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I've been lucky enough to have done at least one fly-in a year for the last 18 years or so. We've also been collectively lucky enough that we've never spent an extra night at camp, and I can think of only once or twice where they showed up later than the normal early AM time. We've also always flown in on the day we were supposed to, although we've had to wait for weather that was moving through a few times.
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