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Fishing report lakes oahe /sharpe pierre area for may 4th thru the 9th 2020 - Walleye Message Central
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Old 05-09-2020, 10:59 AM
fishinghutch fishinghutch is offline
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Default Fishing report lakes oahe /sharpe pierre area for may 4th thru the 9th 2020

We have been having some real nice spring days around Pierre along with a blustery one now and then. Typical spring weather so along with the 19 virus watching the weather this time of the year is a no brainer. I have been getting some reset trips because of the virus and had a couple days off so my longtime friend Jim Randash drove over from Rapid City to help me do a little scouting. Jim has helped me guide in the past so we went looking for some new spots along with checking some old ones down at West Bend on Sharpe. Caught lots of fish (walleye and smallmouth) in around 5 fow both on Jigs/minnows and on bottom bouncer/minnow rigs. The size limit on Sharpe is 15 inches for walleye so we kept a limit of walleye over that but threw back a lot of smaller fish. We also kept a limit of the smaller smallmouth throwing back the larger female fish. I think the smaller bass eat better and most of the time the bigger ones are female and full of eggs so that seems to be the best way. All the walleye we kept were milking males so that is good for future populations too. The fish on Sharpe are bigger (18 inchers common) around Pierre but they can be harder to catch due to current, muddy water with rain and more boat traffic. Oahe other than Northern /catfish is much slower due to water temps in the 40's. Fifty degree water or more down at west bend so the fish are more active. Covid 19 still is a real factor so call ahead to see if your favorite eating facility is open as many are still carry out only and some are closed. For the most part motels and resorts are open along with most stores with social distancing policy's along with masks the norm. Caution for sure is the word. I think we have been fortunate to have Governor Noem a ranch gal making the way for South Dakota in all this mess. She has been getting national recognition and deserves it. From my viewpoint she has done as good a job dealing with this as can be expected. The Governor is still saying South Dakota won't peak with covid cases until June. Not trying to scare anyone as I think being in a fishing boat on the lake with people you know is as good a place to be as any but caution about how you do it is essential. In other words be safe and follow guide lines for both yourself and those around you. I think that means exactly what the Governor recommends and that boils down to using a lot of caution and common sense. Fishing on Sharpe is good and slower around Pierre on Oahe.

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