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Old 01-19-2020, 11:48 AM
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Default knots

I am going to be tying some spinner rigs with heavy floro line 40 and 50 pound. I have not tied anything this heavy in the past.
What type of knot do you recommend
thank you
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Old 01-20-2020, 08:15 AM
Watertank1 Watertank1 is offline
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This being a "walleye" site, I would suggest that you make sure that the floro 40 - 50 # will fit through the hook eye - I normally snell knot my spinners and would have difficulty trying to snell the spinner rigs - if you are building your spinners for northerns or muskies, using large hooks, ignore my drivel.
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Old 01-20-2020, 09:12 AM
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mjayn mjayn is offline
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I tend to use loop knots now, but when I first started tying up grouper rigs I would use a snell with the 50lb fluoro-carbon I had for the leader, strong and kept the hook relatively straight.

I've also been known to tie the first hook on with a snell and the second hook with a loop knot when it comes to traditional walleye spinner rigs.

But my suggestion would be to start tying them and see how they work out with the thicker line. Whatever gets your rig straight and balanced. If the hooks are permanently skewered at weird angle, try to retie with an angle adjustment, if you can't get it switch type of knots until you are happy.

Once you get bigger then 25-30lb, the knot dynamics change quite a bit.

I will also run the fluoro leader through my fingers and get it warm/hot for easier tying. This also will take out the kinks, memory and very slight abrasion from the leader.
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