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Old 11-07-2017, 09:33 AM
lassh lassh is offline
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Default Manitoba Hidden Lake outpost- Cobham River Lodge

Im reposting a request made earlier by WiscRiver on info about Hidden Lake Camp- an outpost north of the Manitoba Cobham River Lodge. This is not the same as Amiks Cobham River outposts in Ontario. If any one has been to Hidden Lake outpost or the Manitoba Cobham River Lodge, any information posted here or PMd would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Old 12-27-2017, 04:46 PM
jiggy08 jiggy08 is offline
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We have been fishing at the main lodge for the last 9 years, fishing Canada for almost 20 now. Our group consists of 6-8 and have found the walleye and northern pike fishing to be better than Amik's outpost in Ontario. We first fished the Ontario camp and were impressed with the system. It seemed the Manitoba location had a more interesting system with 2 rivers and a large lake area. The large lake is called Elliot lake which is almost 75% cabbage weed. We found a large population of 35-45 inch pike in this area the system feeding to and from the lake.

Walleye action was at both the lodge and hidden consisted of 80-100 walleye a day between 2 people. The record walleye for our group was 31 inches, however in 2015 another group member at the lodge caught the Manitoba record that year at 34 inches. We left that spot earlier that morning!!! Better luck next year I guess.

The lodge and outpost are both outfitted with new 4 stroke Yamaha and nice lund boats. Motors usually started on the first pull in the morning which was a nice change from some of the outposts we have been to in the past. The staff at the lodge are exceptional and we have become friends with most of them.

Getting there is a lot easier. They offer a package that flies out of Pine Falls Manitoba and Bissett. Almost anywhere you are driving/flying from in the US if you google directions you'll see it saves you a lot of time to get to their seaplane base vs Red Lake, Thompson, Pine Dock or Kenora.

Hope this helps

Update 2018***************

Had a great trip once again at the Cobham. The staff and food were as expected, exceptional!! While the weather was extremely hot this year we did have a few days with a breeze which made the temperatures bearable. We had no problem finding a good population of keeper 18-20 inch walleye. 2 members in our group counted fish caught, their average was 97. We had multiple Pike over 30 inches and a 3 over the 41 inch line in the sand. The flights too and from the lodge were no problem with early morning departures on both ends. The lodge had all new bedding put in this year which was a really nice upgrade. They also have upgraded a few boats and motors and have started to use "Rock Hoppers". I was initially worried the Rock Hopper would slow us down, but it didnt seem to change the boat's handling or speed. Its an interesting idea and Im sure it saved some damage that we would have caused while trolling around some rocky shores. We have already rebooked for next year.

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