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Old 08-18-2019, 02:59 PM
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Just because I may use a couple of knives does not make the job slow.

If cleaning a batch, I can normally get through 60 fish in a bit under an hour or about a minute per fish.

But, I actually enjoy the solace and peace that I get when I clean fish, so speed of cleaning is not my main goal when cleaning fish.

The object to clean fish is to get as much meat as possible from the fish and not have any bones in the finished fillet.

Enjoy your days on the water and your time at the cleaning station.

Be safe
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Old 08-18-2019, 06:08 PM
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Originally Posted by marksjigs1 View Post
Has anyone had trouble with there knifes? if so have you been able to get parts? If so where?
I have a buddy that has one and the buttons you push to release the blades broke inside the case he has to take case apart to release blades...
We have checked the google and best we come up with so far is from rapala "no parts available"
REALLY? a $149.00 dollar piece of equipment and once it's gone it gone??
Somebody HELP us!!
Wow this thread went south! I have had no issues with the Rapala Li Ion battery knife I bought this spring. No problem with blade releases or anything else. I would guess about 40 or 50 Walleye per charge. Our limit is 4 daily and I spend about 30 min. from cooler to cleaned zippered fillets in my soft side cooler going to the truck.(Untimed) As for the broken knife ,have you talked to anyone at Rapala and ask if they will fix it? Bob

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