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Old 09-05-2020, 10:34 PM
bbheli bbheli is offline
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Originally Posted by Kouki7 View Post
I think this is a loaded answer to a loaded question. How I want my boat rigged (or expectation), or how a dealer who rigs boats daily does it, or what i found on the internet says it should be could be 3 different answers.

When I was working with the dealer on some accessories I wanted installed I was very articulate in how I wanted things wired, where I wanted things placed, what my expectations were from the get go based on stories / research on this forum and reading else where. I asked for my Verado starting to be on itís own battery, and everything else on the 5th battery installed. I asked for a 2nd battery charger to be dedicated to that 5th battery. They made a case for why with the new 15 EFI I donít have to be as concerned like previous versions of kickers.

The way Ranger rigs the 2019 and above you can run the starting battery dead and itís much easier to jump off the trolling batteries than ever before, so I think they get a little lax because you have a safety net that requires a twist of the knob.
well some people donít know what questions to ask or what they want and most dealers do a lot of rigging to boats after they arrive to increase price and profit. Skill is missing in a lot of industries. Some mechanics these days have no clue how to troubleshoot they just replace stuff till it works like the guy that fixed my furnace. as consumers we over trust people sometimes just because they have a sign on the door or a business card.
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Old 09-13-2020, 02:57 PM
Ozark Bob Ozark Bob is offline
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If you find a good mechanic don't let him go. All our things are complicated these days. Factory training or not, a bozo is a bozo. Find one you trust. I buy more cars than boats and the dealer holds the warranty. Seems like good fixers are rare wherever you go. I never expect things to go well,but when they do I make a good fuss and get the guy's name. He also gets a tip. And I will wait for him to get to it. I hate going back a 2nd time. JMHO Bob
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