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Old 02-16-2008, 12:09 AM
ksmntman ksmntman is offline
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Default RE: cell phones in tournaments

I agree with you jim. I have taken some fish to weigh in with my fingers crossed! So it would have to be set up where you know that the rule you are breaking is that serious. I was fishing next to the guys that found the 8# tied up at Melvrern, it was a really nice fish ... dead. That would have been a criminal offense had they left the fish and caught who tied it up. We are never going to rid ourselves of those who feel they have to break the rules to feel better about themselves, we can only enjoy the game as we play it!

By the way, I hate cell phones!! I had to carry one when they first came out for business reasons, you know, the ones in the case! I am tied to one every day. That is why I always turn mine to vibrate and put it in the glove box of my boat when I fish. That way I can tell who called, but I don't look at it until I'm done fishing. Whatever is happening in the world can wait a few hours! I go hunting in CO for Elk for days in the wilderness area where there is no reception, the world seems to servive without me! My wife says that I would feel terrible if something happened, and she's right, I would. But I am pretty sure that me knowing would not stop it from happening and I would still feel terrible!
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Old 02-22-2008, 02:14 PM
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Default RE: cell phones in tournaments

we have a few boat on my home water, NIcknamed the three cell mates. open water trollers, pretty obvius in open water or on a lake aprox 30 miles long and 8 miles wide..... two boats running wide open full roosters picking up from opposite sides of the lake to settle down on the third one who called them in... my son age 14 and i were fishing a small bar tourny about 50 boats last year. finished fourth behind these three cell mates.... my son picked up on it right away ,,, the cell mates he said... we were less than an ounce from second and third and a couple pounds out of first... we caught6 leagle fish that day and were allowed to way 5 , tuff bite for all on the lake ,i told him if we coulda jigged up a couple more 18 inchers or a 20 we woulda had em ,,, maybe they all talked about the trolling bite on the south end the day before that few new existed. if it existed the day before , either way , a sour taste and we both coulda fished bit harder or set the hook a bit quicker a few times. still had a cold one after , cashed a check and took ma out for steak that saturday night.... still finished well ahead of the majority of the pack and it will all turn out ok.. what comes around goes around, live by the cell phone die by it the same. powering down on somone elses fish and catching them are two different things. stil sucks though... someday they will slip up and the truth will come out ... until then ,,, its all speculation
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Old 02-23-2008, 09:05 AM
Phil V
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Default RE: cell phones in tournaments

I just received a West Marine Ad, promoting this product. The SPOT Satelite Messenger. Here's how there ad reads; "Using an array of low-earth orbitiing satellites, the SPOT can tranmit messages with three levels of urgency to your choice of up to ten email addresses and/or mobile phones. The SPOT has a built-in GPS, your messages are tagged with your precise position, allowing the recipients to quickly identify your position on Google Earth." Here's their link,

This is a great safety device that perhaps could be used in the wrong manner in tournament fishing.
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Old 02-23-2008, 09:22 PM
T Mac's Avatar
T Mac T Mac is offline
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Default RE: cell phones in tournaments

I posted on some of our state websites that I couldn't believe cell phone use was legal in a MT tournies.
I was roundly thumped.

LOL -- Most tourney waters here don't have cell service anyway... But one sure does.

At that one....the helpers and weigh people were calling their husbands/buddies/whatever and telling them to watch for such and such boat ...that they'd just weighed in a large basket of fish. Yah... No Bull!

But then, we see it all the time during non tourney sitiuations...just as bad in my opinion.
I have had guys stop in on their way to the lake mid week...all the way from Bozeman, no less. 'cuz their buddy called and told them to get up there PRONTO.
That just doesn't seem like a 100% sporting thing to do... to me, anyway ??
Kind of like calling a guy at work and saying..."come quick there's a 6 point bull standing in front of me..."
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Old 02-24-2008, 12:58 PM
KLN2 ul
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Default RE: cell phones in tournaments

If you can't beat them, join them. If I person was on a lesser team in the FLW, this satellite technology could help win tournaments.

A team could use friends and fellow team members to track top weight locations, concentrating on these areas to increase total team weights or to remove fish from a spot, taking weight away from the competitors. Since there is usually more than one spot that holds the winning weght, this could be a huge advantage.

No phones, but within the rules? If I was a team member with a chance at a large payday, it would be very good strategy. Remember, You still have to catch the fish!
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