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Old 07-15-2008, 07:21 AM
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Default RE: What is the MOST dependable Sonar ?

I started running the birds in 2005 and have been very pleased.

Screens are very clear to read, with glasses or in direct sunlight.
Menue is very easy to operate and move around in.
Have run the 900 and 700 series. Si and regular sonar.
Have had no problems with any of the units.
Very easy to transfer waypoints from the Lowrance to bird.
The pre-set buttons on the 900 and 1100 series are great for screen selection as to what you want for quick viewing.
I really love the quick release mount.
The way that you hookup or unhook, you don't have to worry about any mis match on the nuts as in the other units.
The SI is something you really need to check out.
Customer service is great.

George feder
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Old 07-15-2008, 08:24 AM
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Default RE: What is the MOST dependable Sonar ?

>Lowrance needs to clean up their act soon or they will end up
>going out of business. After the problems that I have had I
>will not buy another one of their products unless I hear that
>they have made enormous strides in their quaility control and
>customer service. I don't see how they think they can stay in
>business and keep turning out such crap that doesn't work
>right out of the box. I would think that in these times off
>technological advances and good
>competition(i.e.Humminbird,vexilar,furono,garmi n) that is
>making good sound equipment, that they would strive for a
>quality product to put on the market. I'm sure when they were
>a quality company that they had the market share. If what I
>see and hear is true regarding their products, and I have no
>reason to believe its not, than my guess is that they are
>already in trouble. Do you think their marketing department
>ever looks at this site ?

By the look of the posts on this thread, I am sure they are well aware of the problems, as it looks like everyone else in North America is. The big question is what are they going to do about it and how long is it going to take. I would love to have been at the ICAST show in Vegas this week to ask them that question, as I am sure every dealer across the country will be asking the same one.Depending on the reply my next question would be where is the Hummingbird booth?
Old 07-15-2008, 11:03 AM
rock2me rock2me is offline
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Default RE: What is the MOST dependable Sonar ?

I have a Lowrance, Garmin and Vexilar Edge. I keep trying to get my bro to take my Lowrance...then I can justify a new one for the arsenal.

Played with the new Humminbird's and they look real SWEET! My next will probably be a 'bird or a Garmin. The Lowrance has not failed me, it just takes more fiddling and don't really like the controls.

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