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Old 08-30-2021, 07:16 PM
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Default Extreme Sport Trak brackets on Amazon

Anybody had to grind on these things to get them to fit?
I have a Ranger Vs1782 and bought these cause the Lund sport track brackets fit it and it says these fit the Lund so figured it was a no doubter.

Well they showed up went to throw them on the boat and the hook that goes over the bottom rail was just barely to big to fit in the rail slot. I ground it down with the dremel a bit and the first piece is now in but the shim that locks it in won’t fit so working that now. Just wondered if anybody else had hit this? Guess I shoulda just paid the extra 10 bucks a piece for two more Lund brackets lol
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Old 09-18-2021, 10:33 AM
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Originally Posted by ILSmallieChaser View Post
I shoulda just paid the extra 10 bucks a piece for two more Lund brackets lol
LOL Seems like you answered your own post here

I've only used Lund's on mine just because I know they'll fit--- & I have 12 of them! (not that an easy chunk of coin to drop on the table for Lund's though!!)

Happy fishing!!
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