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Old 11-29-2021, 03:28 PM
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Originally Posted by LV guy View Post
"Iowa state has their stadium named after their first black football player, Jack Trice, who was literally beat and stomped to death by the Gophers football team because he was black on Oct 6, 1923"

He wasn't "literally beat and stomped to death". He was run over after executing a roll block and was stepped on. Most accounts suggest it was not intentional, just a part of the game He wanted to go back in the game but did not and travelled home with the team and died the next day. It's surely unfortunate but please don't make it sound like he was murdered when there is no evidence to support your version of what happened. BTW, I'm a Cyclone fan as well as a Gopher fan.
I dont think its quite that clean, and there are different accounts or trgetting etc. Iowa state cancelled the series with Minnesota over it. .Of course it was 100 years ago and none of us were there, and the thread is being derailed. back to the thread, I'm glad Minnesota won, My cousins son is a lineman at Iowa so that win was good for him...Im an 89 ISU grad so still dont like the hawks except for this brief wndow of his 4 years!
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