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Old 09-18-2021, 12:14 PM
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Default Perko battery switch /3 bank on board charger

Hi i was wondering I might buy a new boat but I was wondering I was thinking about putting a perko battery switch in it this time but I was wondering can I still charge my batteries with a 3 bank charger if the battery switch is off? And just curious why do dealerships always say a 2 bank charger and I tell them I want a three for the two trolling motor batteries and starting battery. That’s how I had my last boat set up .
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Old 09-18-2021, 01:07 PM
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Yes because the chargers go directly to the batteries, not to the Perko.

I have 3 Perkos on mine & they work like this. All of my switches have a on-off-both & it's critical to make sure you get those that "connect before disconnect" (not all models do, though I can't speak for Perko models)

2 cranking batteries. The big motor goes to 1 switch. The little motor goes to the 2nd switch. This lets me run either motor & charge either battery in absolute isolation of each other. The rest of the boat goes to switch #3 so I can draw from either cranking battery.

For chargers, I have a 2 bank 10a MinnKota Precision for the cranking batteries & a 3 bank 15a Precision for the trolling motor batteries. MinnKota just released a 5 bank Precision somewhat recently I noticed. Also, if you're looking at lithiums, Precisions have specialized options for those too.

Happy fishing!!

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