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Old 02-01-2020, 07:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Karas3434 View Post
You can view 2d sonar and si/di at the same time on one single unit. If I'm understanding what they are saying is... you will be able to see 2d sonar from the front and si/di from the rear simultaneously (and vice versa). But it still sounds like you can't view 2 of same type of readings at the same time from different sources. So you wouldn't be able to see 2d from front and back or si/di from front and back at the same time. 2d from one transducer location (front or rear) and si/di from one transducer location (front or rear) is the best you can do. Like I said I've never owned a Solix unit so I'm unfamiliar but this is my interpretation of what the others have said.

For those confused he wants to be able to see 2d sonar front the front transducer AND 2d from the rear transducer displayed on ONE unit simultaneously.

If the live network is that important to you I would just go with a similar Lowrance setup you currently have.
I am buying a boat with a Helix 9 GN2 up front and a Helix 10 DI on the dash. I am selling my boat that has a 12" HDS Gen 3 on the dash and a 7" gen 3 at the bow. I have them networked together and can see front sonar and rear sonar at same time on my 12. I wanted to give Hummingbird a try so it did not bother me that new boat is rigged with birds, but I will miss the "live sonar networking" of the HDS's. Need to sell my boat now and new one wont be available till June.....so I could not swap them out. Not sure what I will do. Probably experience the birds for a while and go from there.
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