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Old 09-23-2015, 01:19 PM
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Maybe don't quit for good, but just take a year off?

The link below is to an article Troy Linder wrote about the tournament game that might be helpful.


Eric Ewing
LaSalle, CO
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Old 09-23-2015, 03:16 PM
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Originally Posted by jet man View Post
Am I correct with the following timeline:
Road opened on the 14th and tourney started on the 17th?
If so then the NWT is totally to blame for this fiasco by not making the hard call and closing it to all anglers!
As for angler conduct on the water it would be awesome if all competitors would conduct themselves the way professional golfers do who for the most part put respect for the game ahead of all else.
The real "professional" anglers did just that.
Old 09-23-2015, 06:05 PM
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Default Good Read

Interesting article Eric......I am working this very minute and every minute in the future to figure out a way to get the "mo jo" back! But seriously I have a lot on my plate and if it isn't fun anymore why keep going? I have a few kids wanting me to keep going and they are a great influence.

I have a few things to look at this winter, I sure like the schedule that is out there right now, I'll say that! I just need to get that feeling like I use to have for tournament angling back......I'll work on it.
Don Loch #235
Old 09-23-2015, 08:52 PM
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okay here is where I stand on this event. It was said in the meeting that anyone who uses the cut through could face a fine; correct. However how are they going to make that fine stick? There is no possible way for them to write you a ticket for using something that is already there if you were not the one who created it. Now with that being said that was the first question that everyone had on their minds. Without ever saying "you can not fish there" I would of went right in knowing that there was good fish in there to check it out for the morning of day one. If I knock them dead then great, if not I would fall back to other spots. Now knowing that I fished with guys who finished in the top 10 for the tournament and went back there day two, that there were good fish in there but not what you needed to close out a huge 5 fish limit. Knowing that the tournament was won out in the main lake where every tom, dick, and harry could get to in whatever kind of boat they brought means that what is the big deal? three of the biggest bags came off the same spot! For people to be fussy about it is understandable, but for people to say its going to end their career is a bit on the ridiculous side! Now I know we are all professionals and take this serious, but Don this shouldn't be the reason you throw in the towel! It was a pattern and a different speed that won the tournament that we figured out on day one. Actually we went scrambling day two coming out of 281 with one keeper and two in the 20-22in range. It was then that we went to the same spot as the leaders and knocked some big fish. But it happened and they have some good photos of license plates and other photos that will eventually catch the person responsible. But there is no need to get mad at the people that went there, they took it on themselves to catch the tournament in a lie. Now if everyone did that, then we wouldn't be here right now discussing this. Too many people however, heard about the fine and didn't stop to think how they would make it stick or how they could even stop locals or vacationers from going through there. Now onto day two, for the people to go up there just in spite and run their boats right up next to others is childish. We are all adults and if you wanted to go run up there and fish it, no problem there! But to have other boats running up on other tournament boats because they are trying to "prove a point" is uncalled for. But I guess when it happens to them at another event they will have zero to say about it.
Old 09-24-2015, 06:23 AM
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Default Done.......

There is a time to call it a day, there are obviously too many comments to read thru and understand all that has gone on. I and the fellas that "didn't" fish there day one are the only ones that know how it really went down day two and everyone else is only throwing there , for lack of a better word, idea on what happened in here.

I said what I had to say and I stand behind it, right or wrong in your eyes, and with my name.

We have all learned something here. We all have a different point of view on things, we all see right and wrong differently and we all play by different rules if there not written. My whole reason to write what I did was to tell the community of Devils Lake we as tournament anglers do not condone what happened, we are not that way and only a few are to blame, the ones directly connected to digging up the road.

I realize I "opened" the door to chastise me by saying other things but I new that would happen, this being WC and guys that don't know the real story love to do that behind their keyboards , and that's fine, we all understand, heck its entertaining and quite frankly its entertaining to most and that brings up my final thoughts on this post.

I went into this post very upset, but quitting something I love and have a great passion for is ludicrous I understand that! I have other reasons to work out on that subject and I have time to sit in a tree stand and think about things. What I have seen these past few days is that there is some "fire" in people, their passion for tournament walleye fishing too. I was starting to agree with some, it might be dead, tournaments. But after HUNDREDS of phone calls, emails, text its obvious theres life and if this is what it took to realize that then AWSOME I got big shoulders if you want to take a stab at me, I'm a big boy and can take your comments. I have always been passionate about fishing tournaments and I have always fished with respect to others no matter what someone may misconstrue.

Now as far as the circuits this should also be a wake up call, RULES NEED TO BE CLEAR, NOT THIS "WISHY WASHY" CRAP! If there is a decision to be made, MAKE IT and be clear about it and stuff like this would not be talked about because it "didn't happen"....................

I want to thank all the fellas that support what I have said, I thought I would have gotten slammed a bit more, its great knowing many support my "rant". If you disagree with what I have said in this post that's great too! It means you care enough about tournaments to read it and that's just plain cool!!

Finally for those that just want to take "pot shots" at me, the circuits or anything else and want to step out from behind the keyboard for a minute and stand face to face, like a man I would love to talk about anything on your mind, good or bad, I truly would enjoy a good conversation. Look me up anytime........thanks all now lets get this figured out and get on with the future of the industry...............and our lives...............
Don Loch #235
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