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Old 10-05-2021, 11:50 AM
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Through the season, periodically check the lower unit for signs of moisture.

If, at any time - moisture is detected, drop the lower unit, and either change the seals yourself or take the lower unit to the dealer and have them change the seals in test to insure that you have a leak free lower unit.

The good news about cracking the lower unit from freezing water, is that you no longer have the leaking lower unit, but rather - a sound lower unit for your boat that will serve you well.

Best wishes
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Old 10-05-2021, 05:14 PM
bubba800 bubba800 is offline
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Originally Posted by ThreeDogsDown View Post
Macomb area. I would just watch the weather for those extended forecast cold nights. I am in Traverse City and I keep my boat ready all winter.

The engine should be OK. For extra assurance, take off the prop and you will be surprised at how much water comes out even if you have had it vertical for awhile.

For the live wells, I take the spickets off inside the live wells and blow air (with my compressor) back through them. Front livewell first, then rear, then front then rear again. It will get a lot of water out of the lines.

For the bilge, I dump 1/2 gallon of RV antifreeze in the bilge compartment right where the bilge pump is at and pump it out until antifreeze comes out. I do this once and donít use the bilge pump afterwards.

Charge the batteries.

Take in your sonars if storing outside

Been doing this routinely for 4 winters now and havenít developed any problems.

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I found that when RV anti-freeze drys it leaves a sticky residue that can foul up the flappers in my Flow-rite valves. I have been using -35 windshield washer fluid for the last 10 years instead.
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Old 10-05-2021, 05:38 PM
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Good looking out. I will try that this year.

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Old 10-05-2021, 08:48 PM
Dbars19 Dbars19 is offline
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Does a keel guard help with the ice breaking lol?
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Old 10-08-2021, 03:12 PM
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Typically, I don't winterize until December. (have boats ...will travel).
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Old 10-11-2021, 09:32 AM
Coach Rob Coach Rob is offline
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Default Winterize??

Boat goes in to storage in December, back out in late Feb.

I don't fog but I do change the lower unit oil and make sure the there is no water in the important parts.

Last year I broke ice with the boat on Dec 10th for my last day out (Southerm Wi). Latest outing was Dec. 18th a few years ago.

Coldest air temps I fished in was 7 F. The oil in my 2 stroke go so thick it would not mix properly thru in the injector. I had to warm up the oil before I could run the motor (on the water).

I got a floatation suit after that trip, the deck of my boat iced up from the spray off my reel. Made for a scary slip as I was fighting a musky.

I have fished Northern Wi during deer hunting years ago. The last few years it iced up well before deer hunting.
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Old 10-19-2021, 07:26 PM
Anonymouse Anonymouse is offline
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32 degrees.
If it dips to 30 or 29 degrees overnight, the ice won't freeze and expand enough to wreck your block or hoses, so long as it warms up right away by morning - so you can survive a one-off dip to or slightly below freezing overnight and keep on enjoying a little more of Indian Summer fishing.

Still, 32 degrees is a sure-fire sign you need to winterize and call an end to using an I/O for the season and a good idea to skip risking freezing the shaft housing even on self-draining outboard motors.
The engine block on outboards drains but the shaft housing does NOT drain completely, and it's actually a very weak metal (anti-electrolysis & transom protection functions) like White's metal or some alloy of aluminum/magnesium/strontium/zinc etc.

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Old 10-19-2021, 08:40 PM
muskyed muskyed is offline
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When I was younger and was big on musky fishing, used to fish till first ice and actually used to break ice at times. Always carried a bucket of sand with salt mixed in, at all times when cold out. Sand alone in a bucket would freeze up.
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Old 10-20-2021, 11:29 AM
Franco Cialone Franco Cialone is offline
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My boat was just winterized and is now in my garage. Once November hits , its cold and miserable on the water. You might get a nice day in November but you can't count on the weather. We have a short season in Canada.
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Old 10-20-2021, 02:39 PM
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My boat never totally gets winterized as living not too far from Pool 4 on the Mississippi which stays open year round most winters. As long as it is 25F or higher I have no problem fishing, at 25 and a bright Sun and low wind it`s really not too bad.
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