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Old 06-18-2019, 09:05 AM
unchained unchained is offline
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Originally Posted by Thunderjet View Post
Where can you buy a Tesla model 3 for $35,000 out the door plus sales tax? And you are forgetting about the cost of insurance to factor in. I pay $240 for 100 ded and 0 ded collision. Plus it really doesn't matter to me what the national price of gas is. Its $2.30 where I live. Then you have the concern about parts and repairs. Honda dealers are all around me, places that work on Teslas are not. Besides, we like the idea we can park the Civic anywhere and not worry about door dings.
I didnt buy the Civic for comfort and touring, although it is pretty dang nice. And I can drive it across the country. I have yet to see a electric plug in at any of the stores we travel to or places we visit. This is an argument neither will win. Buy what you like and so will we.
well you keep shifting the argument, so no it's impossible to 'win'

I addressed your concerns about cost. The Tesla costs about the same as a Civic. Now you're worried about all kinds of other things, which is fair, but that wasn't your initial argument. Door dings? Why would you worry more about a door ding on a tesla vs. a civic if they're both the same cost over the lifetime of your ownership? Makes no sense.

Just keep buying Civics, no harm, they're excellent cars. I will just say that when you do go electric, you will like it. Everyone will...it's better. So no need to fear the future (not saying you are, just saying)

And the 'can't drive across the country' concern has been debunked numerous times by tesla owners. I've personally done dozens of 300-400 mile trips as well as one 1000 miles trip. No problem. You can make specific ridiculous arguments all you want to exclude yourself, but it doesn't mean it's a sound argument against the concept.

p.s. here's a map of tesla superchargers. You really think you're going to have trouble finding a charging station for long trips (which you might do 1 or 2x per year...so basing your car purchase on it is kind of funny) Let me guess, you only drive in Alaska or northern Russia...
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Old 06-18-2019, 10:40 AM
cast_and_blast cast_and_blast is offline
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I have a Model 3 long range AWD that I just bought in late March of this year. I'm not going to jump into the fray here, but if anyone wants to PM me here I'm happy to chat via PM or phone call and answer questions as I'm able.

Summary: I look forward to my drives every day. I charge at home very infrequently as I have 240v charging available for free (to me) at my office. When I do charge at home it is 4.4 cents per kWh. Electric utility gave me $500 to install 240v line in my garage. Feds will give me $3750 next year when I file my taxes. The car is ridiculously quick (and this isn't even the fast one) going 0-60 in about 4 seconds. It is a dream in stop & go traffic as it will keep me going the perfect speed and adjust (all the way down to a full stop) as necessary. If I would like, it will also steer itself and stay in the lane - dead center. It's comfortable too! Safest car ever tested, costs me the same as a Hyundai Sonata to insure. Supercharging is available along major routes throughout the US (and other countries) and their new V3 chargers will regain mileage at the top rate of 1000 miles per hour. This means I would stop and top off the battery (310 mile range rated) in about 10-15 minutes from about 25% charge.

All that and it looks nice too.

Good luck!

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