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Old 09-16-2020, 03:42 PM
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Default Glendo status report

I’ve noticed most fishing reports don’t have too many photos or descriptions but I can’t help myself. The last time I fished Glendo was in 2005. Before that I spent a lot of time in the mid to late 90s here avoiding personal responsibility. So with the World clearly coming to an end in 2020 I figured I better make a possibly final trip to Glendo before universe collapses. That required lots of driving and I decided not to bring my boat. Some good Intel from Husker525 (thanks man!) confirmed what I was already thinking about where to fish.
Water levels are low but the scenery is still spectacular and there are plenty of mergansers loons, grebes, bald eagles, pelicans, Canada geese, and other birds to keep me occupied if the fishing isn’t so great. I arrived yesterday evening right at sunset.
The place is still pretty much the same. Thank all the deities! I had some dinner and then made a few casts from shore with my old standby the # 7 Shad rap in perch color. Only a carp was interested. This morning I woke up and had some coffee before walking back down to a spot that used to produce pretty well for me back in the 90s.
Smoke from fires in Colorado or maybe Yellowstone made the sunrise very dramatic and made 2020 feel even more apocalyptic as it begins to draw to a close.
I started with my shad rap, but after no fish bit my hooks, I went to the classic 1/8th ounce jig with 3 1/2 inch twister tail (in chartreuse of course). I summoned the spiritual guidance of Al Lindner by donning my In-Fisherman hat. “MMMMMAAAAN, YOU GOTTA GET SOMMADESE ‘EYES!!!”
I squirted some stinky stuff on it just in case.
First walleye in 15 years wasn’t a monster, but he was enthusiastic. So were the others.

Freshwater bonefish even get in on the action.
Then it was time for lunch and a walk around to see what I could see. I saw some amazing things. This morning I watched a fellow launching a Ranger 620 and noticed he did not have a transom saver. As he rambled along the gravel and rock shoreline, I watched with gritting teeth and a wince of pain as his huge outboard bounced up and down on the unprotected transom. Most guys in boats are trolling at a fast clip. Maybe 2 to 3 mph. But I haven’t seen anybody reeling in anything except for the guy in the Ranger who pulled in what looked like a 6 inch walleye or maybe perch on a jig. The fish I caught are all very close to Shoreline on secondary points in coves, so pitching jigs on rocky shorelines would probably be a good bet, at least early in the morning. But trolling in deeper water is working on main lake points and humps since a couple of guys were talking about that this morning and how they did well yesterday. Diversity! So now it’s time for a siesta before the evening shift. Hopefully I’ll have something to report back. If not, well thanks for reading this far.
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