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Old 01-16-2020, 09:01 AM
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Default Getting a CT Scan at Hospital - Check in Time

Our Primary Care Physician is affiliated with one of the largest Hospital Networks in the area. They have a great website for patients where you get test result within a day, a list of all your medication from any of their doctors and a lot more.

So my wife slips and hurts something in her thigh/hip and I take her to see our Primary Care Physician and as usual they ask if our Health Insurance is the same and she fills out a couple of standard forms. They have her go to one of their diagnostic offices for a hip x-ray and since they are part of the Hospitals Network the only question they ask is if our Health Insurance is the same since they can pull up all her records, easy peasy.

Since the x-ray looked OK they want her to have a CT Scan and that can only be done at one of their hospitals. So I get her to the hospital and she has to go to the check-in area and wait 15 to 20 minutes to see someone. Wouldn’t have been so bad but one TV had CNN on and the other had The Food Network on, hey that dish the chef made looked mighty tasty. Once they call her up they now want to see her Healthcare Insurance cards, a list of her medications, and they ask her a bunch of questions and have her fill out the same forms she just filled out at our Primary Care Physician’s office. After spending 15 or 20 minutes with the person checking her in I ask; isn’t all of this stuff already in your system especially since she was just at the Primary Care Physicians office yesterday? The lady says yes all that information is on our system but we just have to go over everything again.

Seems to me all they had to do is look at her records and to be on the safe side ask about Health Insurance, all she was there for was a CT Scan which took less time than it did to check in. They have all this great technology but don’t use it, or maybe don’t trust it. Just seems like busy work and a waste of time which costs the hospital money, which we end up paying for.
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