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Fishing report lakes oahe/sharpe pierre area august 16th to august 31th 2021 - Walleye Message Central
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Old 09-01-2021, 02:44 PM
fishinghutch fishinghutch is offline
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Default Fishing report lakes oahe/sharpe pierre area august 16th to august 31th 2021

The Pierre area is having one of the busiest and best fishing years that we have had for many years. The fishing on Sharpe around Pierre is limits for just about everybody every day and real nice fish. An 18 inch average walleye is not uncommon along with numerous over 20 to 28 inch fish being caught. Oahe is even better for those fishermen that know the lake and far less crowded. I have been fishing both lakes and have had limits of fish by noon every day for all my customers on both lakes. The bite on Sharpe around Pierre is mostly 10 fow or less and I have been using propeller blades bouncer/ nightcrawlers. I have found one I like better than all of them. It is a propeller blade called Loves and it i sold by Bill Love(Wyoming) available in Pierre at Dakota Mart. This blade turns better in slow speeds than any I have used. Lots of presentations are working on Sharpe from bouncer minnows and plug pulling all putting limits in the boat. Things get harder if weather muddies up the water though so watch for that . Oahe fish are coming up into shallower water in many areas making fishing just excellent on the big lake also. Knowledge of the lake however is more important as not all areas are easy to get limits. I have fished the big lake more lately and mixed bags(Northern smallmouth Catfish White bass) are more common so if you want to see less boats and catch different species it can be a very good choice. On Oahe I am using spinner crawler/bouncer rigs fishing in around 20 fow but here many presentations are working just like on Sharpe. Be prepared to see plenty of other boats/fishermen especially on Sharpe around Pierre. The Canada border closing, Covid escape, an affluent baby boomer generation have all contributed to Oahe and Sharpe being a busy place. Busy boat ramps; busy motel resorts; and very busy community spots are normal especially on weekends. I have always tried to fish my customers away from crowed areas and still do but it is becoming harder to do with the amount of traffic around now. Fortunately we have a great fishery so lots of fish and lots of water for everyone. Once again I would like to thank all of my both repeat and new customer for your business and the great times we all had. In closing I would like to mention the availability of lots of really good guides and resorts/motels in the Pierre area. Many of the guide boats we see this time of the year are from Chamberlin . Lots of good guides there two but you can avoid a 180 mile round trip drive every day just to catch a walleye by trying the Pierre area. It can get you a couple of hours extra sleep daily an also you have Oahe available to fish. We have the fish here so why not just come here It makes for a lot easier trip and the State Capitol area would love to have you. Lots of other family things are available here also.

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Old 09-04-2021, 08:57 PM
Skis Skis is offline
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Always appreciate your posts Hutch!!!
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Old 09-13-2021, 04:37 PM
walleyetracker85 walleyetracker85 is offline
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Hey hutch can you get loves blades anywhere online or anything? Coming up to Pierre this Friday and wanted to tie some up before I come. Thanks

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