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Old 10-11-2014, 01:52 AM
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Default Need solutions/Ideas on rigging my boat.Anything,please..

Hi to all of the good folks at walleye central,
I apologize for my long lengthy "discourse" in advance.
A "PLEASE" to anyone,any advice would be appreciated as im tied up in knots & itching to get my boat rigged.
I have a 2001 triton 189 DCF & have been thinking long & hard on how to rig.I keep forseeing problems with a majority of my ideas.
I want anything I do to be a nice addition & not work against anythingelse whitch has been hard every way I look it seems.
I really don't know where to begin...& know I cant mention it all but heres some of the basics...
#1 I was thinking on going with preferably 2 tracks on each gunnel.I wanted to have a 42" midship & 18" in the back leaving me 6" or so in between.Or I thought it may be better to just use 2 18" tracks & not mess with the bimini brackets but I hate to be bound to setting my boat up around them.
Im afraid it I do that (42"track)it may cause problems with the bimini as far as
getting it to fit as it does now.I know theres a little flexabilty there.
I really don't like where the poles/brackets mount in.It could make the midship section of the track useless for rod holders or a rod tree when erected possible I would think.
I wish there was a way the poles could mount to where they wouldn't interfere with whatever I would have on the track system.
Right in between the bimini mounts I thought would be a great place for a rod tree but im sure that would interfere when erected.
I wanted to set up for trolling for walleye.
The only place where it would work would with the shorter tracks on the back & it would go over some of it to! This is frustrating trying to think this through & just keep comeing into dead ends.Maybe a troll bar the slides into the rear tracks would help but wasn't sure if I wanted to resort to that..
I wont be able to use the tracks in between the bimini brackets with all of the canvas up.I may be able to get a rod holder in between.
Do I need to find someone that makes bimini tops in person before I do anything? Rebend the frame to fit the inside of the gunnel? Put a sporttrack or some kind of track to mount it in on the inside of the gunnel? IDK..Maybe they could at worst make up a different frame configuration that would work with everything & still be able to use my original canvas? Be a shame to have to do that.

Is there anyone here that knows anything about biminis? What I could do for tracks.Someone on here has gotta be more of an expert at this than me!
I have lots of pics in my albums here on walleye central of my boat to give anyone ideas who cares to take a look.
Ill try to add a video I put on facebook to send to a track manufacture.
The video isn't all about what im talking about as ive came up with some ideas that could work since then for some of what ive metioned.


I could go on & on but I think ive already rambled to much in my overthinking/stressing im probably doing.I just DONT want any regrets once I commit to doing anything.
Thanks for your time!

Sincerely Thanks!
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Old 10-13-2014, 01:56 PM
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Or just lay one long track down each side and buy some of these bimini brackets that mount to the track. Lots of flexibility.

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