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Old 02-21-2013, 11:50 AM
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Default LSS-1 transducer switch done.

Well I finally decided to give this a whirl. Lowrance does not make a transducer switch for the LSS and it has bugged me for a while. So I took a Hbird transducer switch (7 wires) and wired the LSS transducer through this switch. There are not enough wires in this switch so I only ran the Left and Right through it, not the down scan. I left the downscan on the LSS transducer on the back of the boat as well as the temp. I didn't switch this to another LSS transducer. The second transducer (on trolling motor) was a Humminbird Quadrabeam. It's only 3 1/2 inches long and has two 455 kHz elements with 35 degree cones tilted approx 30 degrees from vertical. I wanted to use this while sitting still jigging but able to see left and right for suspended fish that were close but not under me. Often moving schools of fish will not come directly under the boat, but will avoid it to one side or the other. The structure scan beam is too narrow from front to back for this purpose when sitting still. You'll get to see them but by the time the echos move down the screen to be noticed the fish are already gone.

This was nearly a home run. The Quadrabeam actually worked better on the Lowrance than on the Hbird Matrix 37 or 777c2 that were designed to handle this transducer. The HDS cleaned up clutter excellently and showed the fish left and right clearly. My only disappointment was that I expected the 800 kHz to also work. It did not. While the bottom would be marked enough to see, there was so much "snow" on the screen that I have to call this part a disaster. The Quadrabeam is not usable with the HDS/LSS at 800 kHz, at least not the way I did it.

I use Structure Scan primarily to see fish, not structure. That may explain the why of this. I's sorry I didn't take any screenshots. Just didn't think of it at the time and now I can't as I have already dismanted everything. I'm going to try again with a Lowrance transducer switch as they seem to be higher quality and I want a new Quadrabeam to use. The one I was experimenting with was quite old.
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