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Old 06-04-2018, 10:08 PM
jackpotjohnny48 jackpotjohnny48 is offline
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Default Trip Recommendations

I'll be going up to NW Ontario for about my 30th time this summer, and have fished a number of the lakes previously mentioned (although I've never fished Lac Seul). Most of my trips have been focused on muskies, with some time spent chasing walleyes, pike, smallmouth, and lake trout.

When you mention muskies, that limits your options substantially.

When you say you're a "noobie," that would tend to make me think that sticking with shallower, darker waters (mesotrophic lakes) would be your best bet.

Based on the criteria you mentioned, I would probably go to Lake of the Woods (You may want to check out Witch Bay Camp, as I believe that have a pretty good guided package, and it might be a bit less crowded than other sections.) Ash Rapids Camp or Shoal Lake Lodge might be other options in the LOTW area (Note: Walleye fishing is illegal in Shoal Lake, although you'll catch a bunch of accidental eyes while fishing for pike and smallmouth. The pike and smallmouth fishing is excellent in Shoal. Muskies are present in Shoal, but the pike seem to dominate) Other areas of LOTW have seemed to be too crowded for my liking.

Lac Seul is probably considered to be the single best walleye water in NW Ontario (Sunset Country), whereas LOTW might be the best overall "multispecies" lake.

Cedar - I've been there, and in my opinion, you would probably find it to be a bit too crowded for your liking, based on what you said.

Minaki - You'll probably find that to be too crowded as well (it's only 30 minutes north of Kenora), and I think the fishing is a bit better on Lake of the Woods, in my experience.

Rainy Lake - never fished it, but has a reputation for smallmouth and pike, with walleyes having improved in recent years. It's not necessarily a famous musky destination per se, but muskies are present.

Eagle - that's another multispecies option, but I think Lake of the Woods is just a bit better. My guess is that Eagle will be almost as crowded as Lake of the Woods.

I'm personally going to Pipestone Lake again this year, which has all the species you listed, as well as lake trout. However, it's probably not for noobies. The ultra clear, oligotrophic water often forces us to fish after dark.

If you're willing to cross muskies off your list, and just focus on pike, walleye, and smallmouth bass, then you have a LOT more options. (There really aren't that many musky lakes in NW Ontario, relative to pike, bass, and walleye lakes).

Hope that helps.

Good luck!

"Jackpot" John Schroeder
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Old 06-05-2018, 09:57 AM
emma17 emma17 is offline
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Great post from jackpot.
Agree entirely with Witch Bay and would add Obabikon. Both are remote locations on LOW with all species of fish.
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