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Old 07-10-2019, 10:27 AM
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Originally Posted by yarcraft91 View Post
By the time you get to longer boats, you will need to start worrying about how tall the boat sits on the trailer. My 19' Yarcraft windshield clears a 7' garage door header by 1/2". I need to use a garage door opener that can pull the door up past it's natural upper resting position to get full benefit of the garage door header height.
I raised my door tracks that has torsion springs until the cable drums were 1/2 inch below the ceiling.
I raised the tracks on the wall 4 inches and added 4 inch extensions to the bottom of the tracks.
I made longer lift cables so that there would same amount of wraps on the drums as it originally had when the door is closed.
Doing that allows the open door to be above the bottom of the 2x12 header.
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Old 07-10-2019, 10:41 AM
Houdehni Houdehni is offline
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Originally Posted by DW View Post
My garage threshold and ceiling is lower than yours, so entering when backing in is a little tricky. The height of the windshield, and more significantly, the motor varies as the boat and trailer are backed in. Many will have a drive sloping down from the threshold, so the hitch is lower during the approach and departure. This has the beneficial affect of lowing the windshield with respect to the threshold, but significantly raising the motor. I have to re-trim the motor several times to get clearance at the threshold even though the motor is about 8 lower than the windshield. When in place my windshield is 2 lower than the ceiling.

The point is one can not rely on static height measurements to validate clearance. The heights change as the trailer approaches and enters a garage.
Thank you. My driveway is exactly that sloping down. Maybe I need to make a big elaborate equation with the pitch of the driveway to see if it works kidding, I think trial and error before the purchase would be best!

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