Another GREAT time in Huron at the Get Together 

Bob Keeney and FreeByrdI arrived later than planned on Wed night after most of the gang had left from JPs. Based on the forecast for Thursday I called my crew that was planning a 2 1/2 hour drive early Thurs morning and told them not to bother driving up. Capt. Bob Keeney made room for me on Just Look'n for Thursday fishing. We had a fun day on the water and even caught a few walleye and steelhead in between telling stories, making some important phone calls, and some great boat rides. This was my first time on Bob's Pursuit and hopefully not the last. Awesome Great Lakes trolling boat. The fun continued after we got back to the dock with a very entertaining night at JPs Downunder. Met lots of people that I had only exchanged info with on Walleye Central and via email, and saw some old friends again.

Friday morning was a very windy day but fortunately the wind was mostly from the S / SW so people could still get out fishing if they wanted to. I can say that we used Friday to eliminate A LOT of water to not fish on Sat. Truthfully I didn't put too much effort into Friday's fishing. The most exciting thing was the 9+ pound Steelhead we took in front of the Vermillion River. Actually the most exciting thing was when I got the chance to run the two smaller Contenders that afternoon after we got done fishing. Very impressive rides on those boats too. The dinner was excellent and a BIG THANK YOU to everyone that donated to the raffle as well as to everyone that was involved with pulling this together again. Made a short trip over to JPs after the raffle was over and there were some OUTSTANDING costumes (Giddy Up Cowgirls!), but once again the band - Angry Pill couldn't/wouldn't play Freebird...

Here are a few details from our Saturday fishing. We started in 18 feet of water to the West of the Huron River near Sawmill Creek. We marked LOTS of bait and fish and gradually worked out to around 24 feet. We were concentrating on running full size Reefrunners and Ripsticks in the top 15 feet of water. Also ran a couple spoons up high behind size 10 jet divers. 10 minutes into the day we hooked into a steelhead that went crazy and took a while to get in. Caught a few fish up high but none of the right ones. We worked out to deeper water and replaced some of our crankbaits with dipsey divers and spoons and also went to a size 40 jet. Most of the fish we caught on Sat did come on the full size Reefrunners. Our best leads were from 110 to 130 off of the Large Mast & Ski planar boards. Bubblegum was by far the best color probally taking over half of our fish. We also caught fish on Huckleberry, Purple Demon, Blueberry Muffin, and Confusion. 

Big Fish Winners Jim Stedke landed the 13.55 pound BIG FISH WINNER on a "Supermuffin" Michigan Stinger Scorpion spoon trolled behind a large #1 dipsey with a ring set on a 4 setting back 70 feet. This was the only keeper walleye of the day for us on the dipseys and spoons which was a surprise to me. Caught several whitebass on the dipseys. The Third place big fish weighing in at 11.59 pounds was landed by Bob Shaw on a Reefrunner. The fun part of this fish was that it happened as we were clearing lines to come in. We had just snapped the rubberband out of the release. It was an outside line so the line went slack for a minute as it cleared behind the boat and then the rod bent over double and I knew we had another good one on. As Jim mentioned, the agreement at the beginning of the day was that we would alternate turns on the fish throughout the day and Bob Shaw stepped up to reel in our second beautiful fish of the day. 

I had fun netting both Jim's 13.55 and Bob's 11.59 pound fish. My other responsibility was to reel in all the White Bass and any small walleye. I actually split this responsibility up quite equally with my new friend Johnnie Candle. With guys like Jim Stedke, Johnnie Candle, Bob Shaw, and Chris Songer (GetReel) on board I had a fun day on the water. We were pretty confident that Jim's big fish would place pretty high and were pleasantly surprised that Bob Shaw's took 3rd place. Our bigger fish came in 35+ feet of water to the NW of the Huron River.

FreeByrdSunday brought another action packed day on my boat as Chris Songer joined Jim Stedke and I for another day of CATCHING. We again started in shallow by Sawmill (West of Huron River). Got a late start and didn't set lines till around 10AM. The plan was to fish until 2PM but we really got into a fun bite in the afternoon and 2PM turned into around 4:30. It was a Reefrunner bite for us again off of big boards. Caught fish with leads from 70 to 130 and you name the color it caught a couple fish. Called a few boats over to the area and we were all catching fish. When we finished up we did a little "photo shoot" on the water. Pulled up alongside Joe Whitten's Ranger and got some pictures of the hawg that Mary had just landed. Then headed over to visit EZMarc and Chris and saw a flying walleye. (getting the pics back tonight - hope it turned out). Then headed over alongside Rich Benoit's Carolina Classic - "Lotta Grey" for some more photos. 

Rich also took some pics of 6 of our better fish and then took some action shots of my Contender on plane. Ran the last couple miles side by side with Joe Whitten racing to the mouth of the Huron River. I think he may have beat me by a boat length, but I want a rematch in 3-4 footers... Sunday's action started near the old dump NW of the Huron River and we finished up at the 27N 31W lines. Our speed both days was around 2.1 mph measured by WAAS GPS.

There were lots of people taking pictures when I was parading Jim's big fish around on Saturday afternoon, as well as some people that took pics with Jim and Bob holding the big ones over at my boat. If anyone has any they can send me that would be great.

Steve Carlson
[email protected]

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