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Walleye Central Get Together Field Report
By: Sheila Ryan 11/7/98

The waves were big today on Saturday in Erie.  I'd say winds kicked up 6ft. rollers. The walleye tournament sponsored by the Bionic Minnow had to be cancelled. But they did leave a bounty of $500 for the big fish.

Huron Eye Ivan took the honors with a 10.45# walleye fishing from Rick Cole's Lund. Ronnie from Capt. Rick Smith's "Busy B" came a close second with 10.2#.  The catches were pretty darn good despite the rough water. Many were netted and 8-9'lbers darn common. For those who want to know, the Bionic Minnow did perform well on the Busy B using Dipsy Divers. Lots of fish caught in the 25-35' range.

I'd say all the Walleye Central afficiandos are darn good fishermen!
We're having a great time too. Gotta run. We're off to a big dinner and will certainly hash over the day's fishing.

More EyesAttaching a few pictures (Jerry/Mike Jensen, Tom from Bionic EyesBionic Minnow and
Ivan with the Big Walleye). 

Catch ya later!
Sheila Ryan

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