Keystone Walleye Club

Keystone Walleye Club was started in Feb 1997 in southern Pa. 

   Okay here is what you all have been waiting for the upcoming tournament season schedule. We will kick the season off in May and finish up in October this year. You must fish 2 out of the 4 tournaments to qualify for the Championship which will be a 2 day / 2 week tournament. You will see what I mean later.  Anyone knowing of Sponsors who might be interested in sponsoring a tournament please let us know.  Does not have to be fishing related.

Spring Fling May 2, 1999
Spring Challenge May 23, 1999
Classic  June 13th, 1999
Midnight Madness  July 17th, 1999
Championship October 24th & 31st, 1999


   There will also be some club tournaments scheduled throughout the year.  These tournaments will not  be money tournaments they will work on a point system.  At the end of the year, the points will be tabulated, the angler with the most points will receive a plaque for "Angler of the Year".  There will also be a "Lunker of the year" plaque.   These awards are only for members only and there will be no money involved. 
    This is for shear  bragging rights.  Schedule to be determined at later date.  These tournaments will be held at various locations such as, Lake Marburg, Long Arm, Pinchot, even the river.  We will need help in getting these together, so if you are interested let us know. We will have several separate meetings to get this accomplished.


  • Meetings
  First off here is a schedule of meetings for the new  year. 
We would like to see you there, so mark your calendars! 
January 17th  at B&B 3 p.m. 
February 7th  at B&B  3 p.m.
March  21st  at B&B  3 p.m.
April  25th at B&B 3 p.m.
If bad weather occurs. Please contact Jim  259-8285, or B&B  637-9611, to see if cancelled.

We will kick off the season at 
Pinchot State Park.
May 8th at 7 am to 12 noon.
Long Arm Dam
May 15th at 6 pm to close
Pinchot State Park
June 6th form 6am to 12 noon
Long Arm Dam
June 26th from 6 pm till close
Lake Marburg
July 10th 7pm to 12 midnight
(good practice for the nest weekends open tournament)
Lake Redman  and  River dates to be announced at a later date. These will be fished in the fall, depending on temperature and water levels.  We all know that the best time to fish walleye are in the spring and fall....the late summer bite can be tough so this is why we have chosen not to have tournaments in August.

  • Dues
   Next with a new year come Dues.  This year dues are due on Feb. 28th, 1999.  Dues are the same $25.00 per year, per household/family.  To keep your membership in good standing please have your dues in before the March 21st meeting.  You may either bring them with you to the meetings or you may mail to us at: 
Keystone Walleye Club
c/o Jim Holder
85 Hughes Drive
Abbottstown, PA 17301
Checks should be made payable to the KWC.
  • Elections
   Elections will be held at the February meeting.  Any one at all wishing to run for a position please let us know.  If you have any questions about what the position intails please feel free to contact one of the officers for details.  All nominees must be in by the January 17th meeting.  Voting is held at the February meeting and only members present will be allowed to vote, so please plan on attending.
Officers at present:
Jim Holder   President
Dave Laughman   Vice President
Sheryl Holder   Secretary/Treasurer/Publisher
Positions needing filled are: Tournament Director,  duties are; check in of boats, help with weigh in when needed, help distribute flyers to tackle shops.
Set up of weigh in. Before and After misc. tasks.

Fishing Report for Lake  Marburg
Big big big Pike are being caught at the lake. I know of 2 large ones already this year. One over 14 pounds and the other over 15 pounds.  Large Shiners seem to do the trick in the coves, second bridge and third bridge. 
Yellow perch are coming back. Nice ones are being caught around the bridges using fathead minnows. 
 Walleyes are also being caught in deep water, medium shiners.
 Large mouth Bass are being caught in the 7 pound range up by the dam, using plastic baits, chomppers.
 Due to the bad drought we are having the lake is way down early. So get your cameras and dress warm and
get the pictures for your secret fishing spots and see why they were so good.

   Shepherd Myers
Reports of ice have already started. Fishing is pretty good, the water is way down do to the drought. They will not be draining it anymore. So pick your spot now.

   I have the new catalog for us to get club shirts.  These are the high quality shirts I use when I do my seminars.  A lot of the members asked about having them made last year. So we are looking into it.  The Embroidery I will have to get a price on....They will not have our full logo on the shirt but our Club name, and walleye, along with members name will be embroidered. This is a lot cheaper way then having patches made.  Patches have to be ordered by the 500 and this is a better alternative, considering the size of our club.
   The club T’s can still be purchased at Bankerts 
trophies in the New Oxford Square. Along with Hats
and Cling on for you windows.  They also do many other things so check it out. They are who supply all the plaques for the tournaments.

Good fishing and see you on the water

 Jim Holder, president

 and his typewritter Sherry Holder

 e-mail: [email protected]

Jim Holder
President, Keystone Walleye Club 

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February 24,1999
Volume 2 issue 2

  We will be branching out and  trying some new waters for  the upcoming year.
The club has decided to try out some new waters because of the decline of walleye in Lake Marburg.  The best way to achieve this is to have club events at
several  different locations to test the
waters, so to speak.
   If this works out this year in these
different locations, this will give us a
positive outlook for the Year 2000 tournament trail. In other words having our open walleye tournaments in 4 to 5 different locations instead of just one.
    As many of you know I give seminars in many different fishing shows. I have been talking to a lot of different people who don’t know who we are.  The one questions most asked is why we don’t fish in different areas besides Lake
Marburg, because of the walleye decline.
   So we are planning on trying the
following areas for our club events,
Long Arm Dam
Lake Redman
River Locations
       Lake Aldred
       York Haven
        City Island up to Sunbury
(I have been told that there are a lot of safe places to fish on the river, but as with any body of water caution must be used. )
   We hope that these new areas produce some active and favorable results.  This also will be a great way to learn new techniques for fishing walleye.  I am open to any suggestions for any areas
besides these locations.
If you do not know what club events are they will be fishing outings for club members only. All fish of legal size caught should be kept in a livewell or equivalent until end of the event at which time they will be measured.  The fish’s length will be kept on record for that event.  The total length of all fish caught during all events will be totaled up and at the end of the year the angler with the most inches caught will be the KWC Angler of the Year.
The Angler of the Year will receive a special trophy for his or her achievement.  So remember if you are fishing with someone else in the boat either separate your fish or have some way of tagging them so you know which is which.  Remember that this is a per person award not teams.  And try to find a way to tag your fish without injuring them.  If we have any ideas we will let you know.
There will also be an award for the largest fish caught during all the events
That angler will also receive Big Fish of the Year Award. So remember you don’t have to be at all of them to be the lucky one at the end of the year. The more events you fish however, the better your chances will be for the record

From the Internet
The question was asked on the Walleye onelist that I subscribe to that I thought you might find interesting. The question. “What is the best Walleye Tip you ever got?”
Here are some of the answers that were posted. Maybe you will get a good tip too.
*I have got to say especially on cold water walleye, it is to go with as light a jig as the conditions will allow. Of course, I guess the better you get with your equipment the lighter you can go. I often start my clients off with a little heavier jigs than I'd use myself. So they can get the feel of the bottom and get used to that thum that tells them they are in contact with bottom.
*The best walleye catching tip would be is that don't be afraid to try big crankbaits in spring for big walleyes. I have released 3 fish at 11 lbs. and kept one at 11 lbs. My buddy kept 2 fish at 12.6 and 13.6 lbs. and released a few smaller fish at 10 lbs. fishing size 13 and bigger rapalas. We have fished big cranks for years and consistently caught and released  at least 4-5 fish around 8 lbs. or bigger.
*When all else fails, attach a soft plastic worm (Bass style worm) to a weight forward spinner. This can produce fish when other presentations fail. Troll or if you are in a school of Walleye, then drift and cast it.
*The best tip I ever got for walleye's was from Phil Rolfe , Witch Bay Camp on Lake of the Woods . It was simply "If what your doing isn't working , try
something else!" Go deeper or shallower , faster or slower , etc. and keep working.
*The best tip I have ever learned, and this applies to all fish, not just walleyes, is to use the lightest, thinnest line you can get away with, especially with live bait presentations. Sure you'll lose the occasional fish and lure, but you more than make up for it in action.
* I guess another tip for anybody out there who wants big fish,trophy bucks, or any trophy is to try to find a new technique or a new area that no one else is doing or using. An example would be 1990, I started fishing inside cane beds of Butte des Mortes in Wisconsin. It is illegal now but back then it wasn't. I decided to drift through the cane bed to fish the other side. While we were drifting I decided to plunk a slip bobber/leech combo in the pockets. We caught 2 fish over 7 pounds missed 2 more the same size and lost a dandy northern in about 3 hours of fishing. Word got out of course that walleyes were in cane beds and now the fishing isn't as good as it used to be. People fish them out and others are not left alone to get big. Another case would be fishing at nite, I have caught a lot of big fish with a headlight as the only means of seeing the fish.
*The best tip that I can pass along is be a good line watcher, esp when jig fishing.  I have caught numerous walleye simply as a result of staying focused on my line.  An almost imperceptible twitch can be the work of a nice sized walleye that would otherwise go unnoticed.  Most of those on the list
already know this, but for those who don't--believe it.
*The best advice I have ever gotten for fishing tournament at least would be to stick with what you are doing.  Don't listen to everybody else and to do your own thing.  And to have patience and confidence in what you are doing.
*The best tip I ever received and still have to remind myself of is to fish very slowly.  Sometimes they like a fast aggressive presentation but usually the slower the better.
*I'd have to agree about "big in spring" and crankbaits.  We troll during opener in Minnesota with a long floating crankbait and a small split shot attached about 8 feet from the crankbait.  Troll slowly all night and you  usually find the large 'eyes rising off the bottom in shallow water.  Rarely get skunked.
Well there you have them I hope that you picked up a tip you could use. If you have any questions about Internet mailing lists that are available just ask me I can give you a couple.


            CASTING      TROLLING
                                                                                —Line Sizes—
Models/Sizes   6-10#  12-17#   8-10#  12-17#
ThinFin (T-T-S)   4-5  3-4   5-8  4-7
Rattlin’ThinFin (RT)  4-5  3-4   5-9  4-8
Rattlin’ThinFin (ART)  5-6  4-5   7-10  5-9
ThinFin (AT, AT-S)  5-7  4-6   7-10  6-9
ThinFin (BT)   6-8  5-7   11-13  9-11

Hot’N Tot (H)   6-8  5-7   12-14  7-11
Rattle Tot (RH)   7-9  6-9   15-18  12-16
Hot’N Tot (AH)  8-10  7-9   16-20  14-18
Mag Hot’N Tot (BH)  12-14  10-12   22-26  15-24
Hot’N Tot Flash (FH)  6-8  5-7   12-14  7-11
Hot’N Tot Flash (FRH) 7-9  6-9   15-18  12-16

PeeWee Wart (YV)  4-6  3-6   6-10  7-9
Wee Wart (XV)  6-8  5-7   7-10  6-9
Wee Steelie Wart (KXV)  6-8  5-7   7-10  6-9
Wiggle Wart (V)  9-12  7-9   14-18  10-14
Rattlin Flat Wart (FLV)  9-13  7-10   14-16  10-14
Mag Wart (AV)  15-18  13-15   20-24  18-22
Short Wart (FV)  2-4  2-3   3-5  3-4
Short Wart (FFV)  2-5  2-4   3-6  3-6
Short Wart (AFV)  3-6  2-5   4-8  4-7
King Mag Wart (KAV) 15-18  13-15   20-24  18-22
Suspend. Wiggle Wart (SV)   9-12  7-9   14-18  10-14

ShalloMac (ND)  6-8  4-6   8-12  7-11
Little Mac (BR)  12-14  11-12   18-23  15-20
Big Mac (DR)   14-20  12-15   24-30  20-25
Baby Thunderstick (XJ) 2-4  1-3   3-5  2-4
“Jr” Thunderstick (J)  2-4  1-3   3-5  3-4
Thunderstick (AJ)  2-5  2-4   4-7  3-6
Susp. Thunderstick (SUAJ) 2-5  2-4   4-7  3-6
Deep “Jr” Thunder. (DJ) 7-10  6-8   11-15  9-14
Deep Thunderstick (DAJ) 12-14  10-12   20-24  18-22
Jointed Thunderstick (JBJ) 2-4  2-3   3-4  2-3
ShalloStick (BJ)  2-4  2-3   3-4  2-3

Lightnin’ Shad (AL)  6-8  5-7   8-11  7-10
Lightnin’ Shad (DAL)  12-17  10-15   24-30  20-26
Lightnin’ Shad (DCL)  16-22  14-20   32-38  26-32

Please Note These depths are approximate.  This chart is intended to give a general
indication of the depths our different lures can attain.