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Previous Polls

Attitudes on the water
Fishing Shows
Are fishing shows getting better or worse?
Ice Fishing
Fishing Knots
What is your favorite knot for tying lures/snaps?
2 stroke VS 4 stroke
Which do you prefer, 2 stroke or 4 stroke for your main motor?
How far do you travel for a fishing weekend?
Distance to your fishing spot
Fishing Age Group
How old are we?
Fishing Skills
What is the most valuable fishing skill?
2010 Super Bowl
Who is going to win the Super Bowl?
Registered vs Unregistered
Is it time for WC to go to a "Registered Only" format?
Which circuit would you like to fish?
If you were going to fish a tournament, which one would you pick?
Are you for or against tournaments?
Do you think fishing tournaments are good for the sport or bad for the sport?
When do you plan to purchase a new (to you) boat?
Is a new boat in your future?
Do you buy products online?
What percentage of products do you purchase online?
Boat brands
What brand boat do you own?
Favorite Crankbait
What is your favorite crankbait?
Gas Prices
Has the price of gas affected your fishing?
How Often Do You Visit WC?
How often do you visit Walleye Central?
Live Bait in Tournaments
Should live bait be allowed in tour level tourneys?
Who do Anglers Trust?
Who do you trust for information when it comes to purchasing fishing equipment?
Tournaments Every Weekend?
Do you think a body of water should have at least one weekend a month that tournaments are not allowed?
Registered vs Non registered
Should Walleye Central be a registered only forum?
Where are you located?
Ice Fishing
How many people here go ice fishing?
Tournament Fishing Good or Bad?
Do fishing tournaments mess up your fishing?
Money Spent For A Typical Weekend Fishing
How much do you spend on a normal weekend of fishing?
Electronics Selection
What kind of electronics do you use?
Where do your buy your gear?
Do you buy from Big Box stores or local shops?
Tournament Fishing
How many tournaments do you fish?
Days on the water
How many days fishing each year?
Motor Type
What kind of outboard motor do you use?
Fishing Technique
Define favorite fishing techniques

Navionics on i-Pod
Shut Up and Fish

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