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Bill Leonard

15 years fishing as a Pro, Four top-five finishes for MWC Team of the year. 24 top 10 finishes and 33 top 20 finishes.
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Windows to the World
September 25, 2007
October and November offer the best big fish bite of the year. On most bodies of water, more trophy walleyes are caught (and hopefully released) during these two months than the rest of the year combined.
Prairie Hot Holes
May 13, 2007
Sometimes, small bays with mud bottoms can load up with walleyes. They warm quickly after ice-out, which draws baitfish and walleyes.
The Core of the Matter
May 11, 2006
While there are many ways to catch 'eyes, few presentations can duplicate what the lead-core approach adds to the mix.
Feet First Fishing
September 19, 2005
Drainages mean moving water, and they are present on most bodies of water. Baitfish love them, and so do the predators that eat those baitfish.
General Roll over Ole Evinrude
August 26, 2005
Personally, Im enjoying the comforts provided to todays angler. The good old days are the here and now.
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