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Gary Gray

Home Waters: Lake Winnebago

Circuits Fished: PWT

Accomplishments: 2002 PWT Lake Winnebago, first-place; 2001 PWT Angler of the Year; 2001 Top Gun in PWT; 2001 Mercury Nationals, first-place; 1998 first place PWT, Lake Erie; four-time MWC Team of the Year; two-time MWC World Champion; four-time Mercury Nationals winner; five MWC first place titles; over eighty top-ten finishes; second place 1996 PWT Angler of the Year; second place in 1996 Top-Gun; ten-time PWT Championship qualifier.

Favorite Fishing Technique: Jigging and trolling.

Promotions: Writing for Walleye Central Magazine; 10 seminars in North Dakota, Michigan and Wisconsin; maintains web site at walleyecentral.com; and participates in many children's benefits and youth programs.


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Time on the water, it's still the best teacher. The more you do something, the better you become at it.
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