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Daryl Christensen

Website: http://www.palacenet.net/home/gr8fish

Home Waters: Lake Winnebago and the Fox River system.

Circuits Fished: PWT

Accomplishments: Winner, 2003 PWT Lake Erie. 33 top 10 finishes, 1998 PWT Super Pro Champion; sixteen-time national championship qualifier; twenty-nine top-ten finishes; and have speaking engagements in over one-hundred cities in nineteen states.

Favorite Fishing Technique: Casting jigs and spoons.

Promotions: More than sixty-four seminars and clinics at clubs, boat and trade shows across the country; seven walleye tournaments with four money finishes; six web pages; articles in several magazines; and radio, video and television

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March 16, 2004

Journal of a Walleye Pro
What's it like to be a Professional Fisherman? Find out in this unique book!
The Jigging Dilemma (which jig to use and when)
Perhaps the next time you reach into your jig box or walk down the isle of your favorite tackle store, you will look at jigs in a whole new way.
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