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Mark Brumbaugh

Website: http://www.markbrumbaugh.com/

Home Waters: Lake Erie and rivers and reservoirs in Ohio and Indiana

Circuits Fished: PWT, RCL

Accomplishments: PWT 12 years, 9 PWT Championships, one of the top on the PWT all time.

Favorite Fishing Technique: Trolling and live bait, whatever it takes.

Promotions: Over 30 days a year at various sport and dealer show doing seminars and working for sponsors taking outdoor writers fishing and filming various TV shows.


Mark's Tips
Mark's Latest Articles
Mark Brumbaugh Online Chat 04.02.12
April 3, 2012
Long time walleye tournament fisherman and PWT Champion, Mark has a lot to experience in the world of walleye and he shares his knowledge with Walleye Central.
Open Water Netting
June 4, 2004
Most walleye fisherman know that netting a fish head first is the only way to go. The angler leads the fish toward the net as the netter scoops it up.
Fall Walleye Shallow Water Walleyes in the Fall
The trick is to find the best action, and to match your presentation to the mood of the fish.
Trolling Oh Those Lake Erie 'Eyes
As with anything that appears to be so apparently basic, there are a number of variations that enhance the productivity of the presentation.
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