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Mark Martin


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Mark Martin Chat 04.09.12
April 18, 2012
Mark Martin is one of the most successful walleye tournament anglers in the business and as such his wealth of knowledge is amazing. Mark offers his insights to the Walleye Central members in this chat.
Mark Martin Chat 01.12.11
January 12, 2011
Mark Martin’s name is synonymous with Walleye tournament fishing, and has been one of the most successful and respected anglers in the sport. Mark is one of the hardest working competitors in the field.................
January Ice
Wherever you fish, it’s important to drill your holes and make your noise as quickly as possible.
Jigging The Jig Is Up
If you want to improve or expand your jigging capabilities, try these tricks from maestro Mark Martin.
Transition Time - Ice And Open Water
In the fickle Midwest, it is possible, even probable, to have ice and open water at the same time.
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