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Mike Peluso

Website: www.walleyewizards.com

Home Waters: Missouri River & Lake Sakakawea

Circuits Fished: PWT, RCL, PMTT

Accomplishments: Played right wing for the NHL's Chicago Blackhawks 2001-2002; 2000, 2001, 2002 AHL All-Star Team;  has over fifteen top-ten finishes in professional walleye events. Plays right wing for the Philadelphia Flyers and Phantoms, 1998, 1999, 2001 KFYR Classic winner; 

Favorite Fishing Technique: Jigs and Lindy rigs

Promotions: Articles through Dakota Country Magazine and Western Walleye Magazine; owns and operates www.walleyewizards.com; over fifteen seminars; and over 100 Peluso's Pointers shows on the KX12 networks in North Dakota; operates Mike Peluso's Fill the Net guide service on Lake Sakakawea and Missouri River System

Currents Sponsors: Ranger Boats, Mercury Outboards, Cabela's, Coke, Lindy, Pony Express Conoco, Off-Shore Tackle, TTI Companies, Lowrance Electronics.

Mike's Tips
Mike's Latest Articles
General Sharp Hooks and Skates
Walleyes have a pretty tough mouth. Every time that hook is penetrated, it starts to develop a flat spot.
Jigging Jigs and Minnows VS Sticks and Pucks
While jig fishing you need to be aware of where your jig is at all times. This is very similar to when you are stick handling a puck.
General The Mental Side Of Fishing Walleyes And Scoring Goals
How many times have you been on the water where you catch a fish in an area, or in a way that was not supposed to happen?
Sakakawea Walleyes
My tournament partner and I continued this pattern and cashed in on some big Lake Sakakawea walleyes.
Trolling Hitting, Checking and Boarding
Keeping a close eye on detail and with a pattern of hitting and checking out baits on the boards we were able to cash in on some big walleyes.
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