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Perry Good

Home Waters: Mille Lacs Lake

Circuits Fished: PWT, RCL

Accomplishments: 1994 PWT Champion; 1995 PWT Midwest Regional Champion; 1996 PWT Top Gun; 1997 PWT Western Regional Champion, Fort Peck; 1997 PWT Angler of the Year runner-up; 2001 Wave Wacker Champion; 2003 Mississippi River Champion, the only fisherman to qualify for every PWT and RCL championships.

Favorite Fishing Technique: Live bait presentations.

Promotions: Several in-store promotions and seminars; worked with Lund Boats at several sport shows and participated in many kids functions during the year.


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Perry's Latest Articles
Late Season Walleye Ice Fishing
February 24, 2004
Early in the season the action is fast and as the ice gets thicker and the days colder the fish have a tendency to slow down and move.
Fall Walleye Humpty Dumpty Had A Great Fall
These walleyes will be tight to the bottom, lying in the holes between rock and cuts in the bottom.
Fall Walleye Autumn Walleyes on Lakes and Rivers
If I had to pick two places to concentrate my late fall angling they would be rivers and deep clear lakes.
Fall Walleye 3 - T's of Fall - Transition, Turnover and Trophy Walleyes
As predator fish begin their fall feeding habits, their focus centers on large forage.
Summer Walleye Warm Weather Signals a Move to Offshore
It seems that during the late summer months walleyes that are in clear water and walleyes that are pressured by anglers, move away from boats.
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