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Sam Anderson

Website: http://www.samanderson.com/

Home Waters: Mille Lacs Lake

Circuits Fished: PWT & RCL

Accomplishments: Starting fishing the PWT at age 18. Multiple Championship Qualifier. Winner of 1997 NAWA Lake Sharp "QUEST" Champion tournament.

Favorite Fishing Technique: Lindy Rigging, but most importantly being diverse and learning from those who have mastered specific techniques!

Promotions: Speaking at various sports shows, clubs and in-store events.


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Sam's Latest Articles
Go for the Glass Cranks this Fall
September 14, 2004
One factor that can result in poor fishing even though the lake is teeming with walleyes is a lack of fish holding structure.
Summer In The City
June 29, 2004
"Have you ever noticed that shore anglers cast their bait as far out into the lake or river as possible, while people fishing from a boat are dropping their lures right next to shore?"
2004 Online Chats 4/28/04 - Online Chat with Sam Anderson
April 28, 2004

Boat Rigging Hot Times On Reservoirs
When the wind blows on the Great Lakes or Oahe and Sakakawea, the waves pounding ashore loosen the soil and form a mud line.
Summer Walleye Hot Times Summer in The City
Living in the greater metropolitan center of Minneapolis and St. Paul, it gives me an opportunity to fish local lakes and rivers during the summer months.
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