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Sheldon Meidinger

Website: http://www.walleyewizards.com/

Home Waters: Missouri River System and Lake Sakakawea

Circuits Fished: PWT, RCL

Accomplishments: 2003 PWT Sportsman of the Year, 2002 PWT Championship qualifier; 2001 PWT Sportsman of the Year; 2000 Pro Team Walleye Championship winner; 1999 PWT Mississippi River, fourth; 1999 PWT Championship qualifier; 1999 NAWA Lake Sakakawea, second; and many other top-twenty finishes.

Favorite Fishing Technique: Live Bait rigging and trolling crankbaits.

Promotions: Represented sponsors and their products while hosting media, interacting with the public, traveling the nation, speaking at dealerships and sport shows, and on the water.

Sheldon's Tips
Sheldon's Latest Articles
Super Tuned Boat Control
April 28, 2008
Use the wind, use the current to aid you, donít fight the elements and keep the thought process simple. Fish are often relatively easy to catch once you find them.
Boards and Bays
April 22, 2007
There are several ways to approach these shallow flats early in the season. Generally, we want to get our presentation away from the boat in this shallow of water.
Crankbaits and River Walleye
March 5, 2007
The myth that crankbaits donít work for walleye when the water is cold or early in the season has come to pass in that most walleye anglers know or have heard that trolling will work early in the season.
Yar-Craft Boats Pro Team Fishing Tips
May 3, 2006
There are some general rules with walleye fishing on any lake, reservoir or river. Some locations or patterns happen every year.
A few Tips on Walleyes Using Lead Heads
April 3, 2005
Here is a small list of jig refinements and tips that will hopefully make you a better jig fisherman.
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