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Tony Puccio

Website: www.seriouswalleye.com

Home Waters: Wisconsin and Mississippi Rivers.

Circuits Fished: PWT

Accomplishments: Fifteen years fishing tournaments; twelve-time championship qualifier for PWT and NAWA; 1996 Sportsman of the Year in both the PWT and NAWA; eight top-ten finishes. Radio host of Outdoor Horizons Show.

Favorite Fishing Technique: Rigging jigging, and trolling.

Promotions: Seminar and in-store promo's across the Midwest.


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Press Releases University of Walleye March 24th
February 6, 2007
Learn the How-To's of Walleye Fishing
General Making The Most Of Your Outdoor Time
Today, outdoor enthusiasts have access to many products that can enhance our precious recreation time.
Making Crankbaits Work For Walleyes
Ten years ago if you told a die-hard walleye angler that you were going to troll a minnow- imitating lure for early season walleye, he would laugh at you.
Backtrolling Made Easy
Backtrolling is a very precise way to present a bait and many anglers are finding that it is one of the most productive ways to catch walleye.
Live Bait Rigging Slip Snelling For Success
This simple but effective technique permits presentation of live bait or crankbalts with the subtlety of a free swimming bait.
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