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John Campbell

John is a top competitor in the RCL circuit with the highest average finishes among the full time pros. Prior to that John fished the PWT and MWC scoring many top ten finishes and qualifying for the PWT championship the last 4 years and MWC for 10 consecutive seasons. 

John won the 2000 Detroit River PWT qualifier. In the last couple years John has 5 top five finishes!

 Known as the Fishing Professor , John has educated millions through seminars, radio, tv and magazine articles. Some of the magazines featuring Johnís articles include, North American Fisherman, Walleye In-Sider, Fishing Facts and Midwest Outdoors.

John's Tips
John's Latest Articles
Golden Walleye Fall Days
September 13, 2005
When the leaves start to turn and the cold north wind starts to blow, you know it is time to pack up a few tools for fall walleyes.
Walleyes in the Summer
June 28, 2005
Night fishing the shallows with diving Crankbaits or casting Crankbaits across weed tops or rocky points and humps can be very effective...
Add a Little Gulp to Plastics
June 8, 2005
Plastic baits are productive year 'round but I really like them during warm weather.
Fishing Walleyes in Early Summer
May 2, 2005
Fishing flooded timber is an overlooked structure that more fishermen should look for in the spring and early summer.
Have a Crappie Spring Day
March 28, 2005
Give me an ultralight Shimano rod and reel with four to six pound test line, a handful of jigs, a nice day and some crappies that are willing to bite and I'm a happy guy.
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