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Bill Reabe

Bill is a 3 time Masters Walleye Circuit (MWC) winner and a 12 time World  Championship qualifier with numerous top 10 finishes. He has been fishing  the MWC longer than any other current competitor, is one of the most  respected anglers on the circuit and one of the most knowledgeable tournament  anglers.

In 1991 Bill and his son Brad won the prestigious Father and Son  Team Of The Year title. He has written numerous walleye fishing articles and  presents numerous walleye seminars throughout the Northwestern Wisconsin  area.

Bill's Tips
Bill's Latest Articles
Simple Tricks For Catching Walleyes
Lets take a look at some different fishing methods that you could try in order to improve your chances at catching some fish.
Jigging Willow Spoons - The Little Spoon For Big Fish
This is dynamite on Perch and Walleye through the ice and would probably work equally as well in the summer.
General Specialized Tactics For Walleyes - Roll Your Own Baits
It might be smarter to use some baits or rigs that have worked in the past and spend a little time to modify them into a specialized rig.
Conveyer Belt Fishing - A Neat Way To Read A River
If your tired of reading the same old articles about how to catch fish, here's a new twist on river fishing.
General Colored Hooks - A Gimmick To Catch Fish Or Fishermen?
I could go on and on with results of different tests that were done but my suggestion is to try the colored hooks for yourself and then make your own decision.
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