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Mark Romanack

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Mark Romanack Chat 03.23.11
March 24, 2011
Mark is known as the "Outdoors Guy", "Fishing 411" creator, and a co author of the "Precision Trolling Book" aka "The Troller's Bible"...just to name a few of his accomplishments. He is also a very accomplished tournament angler.
2004 Online Chats 5/5/04 - Online Chat With Mark Romanack
May 5, 2004

Walleyes, The Question Of Color
The question of color as it relates to fishing lures has been debated almost since the invention of the fish hook.
General Stocking A Walleye Box
I've come across very few "new" ways to catch walleye. Like most pursuits, sticking close to the basics is the best way to find success.
Trolling Precision Trolling Crankbaits
All crankbait trollers have one thing in common. They need to know how deep their favorite lures dive.
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