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Ralph Muccilli

I have spent most of my life in the pursuit of fish throughout the Midwest. I have spent much of my time fishing for walleye. Through this time, fishing as a guide and tournament angler, I have developed an offbeat style and approach to our sport.

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Trolling Run Silent? Run Deep
Many anglers simply don't take the time to get down to where these fish lay and wait.

General Secrets To Catching Fish
I have said it before, and I'll say it again, there is no substitute for experience, and persistence pays.
General The Trip Of A Lifetime
What defines a trip of a lifetime? A big fish? Many big fish? A single day in an entire trip or just one day?
General Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Should I stay? Or should I go? Not exactly the age old question, but it is a very interesting and pertinent one to me this week.
River Fishing Skinny Water and Tradin' Paint
Oh, before I forget, if you spend any time in the backwaters at all, you will eventually get stuck, bump a stump or shine your prop and skeg on a sandbar.
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