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Ron Anlauf

Ron is an outdoor writer and avid fisherman.
A PWT participant for several years has provided him with many useful insights to walleye fishing.
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First Ice Flurry
October 27, 2015
There are plenty of good opportunities for first ice ‘eyes but one of the best is Upper Red in Northern Minnesota. The lake is chock full of walleyes and they love to bite and where my posse and I started last year’s ice fishing season.
Rap all season long
April 30, 2015
Some of the best areas for working the jigging bait include sandy flats as well as sand and gravel transitions. You can also use it around rocks and weeds but you have to make some minor adjustments to the bait and change you’re presentation a bit to keep from constantly hanging up.
Techie Tools for Me and You
December 28, 2014
As a practical matter let’s say you’ve decided to do some late season ice fishing on Devils Lake in North Dakota for the first time. The lake is a real monster and can be extremely intimidating as there is so much water and so many spots but by doing a research on your PC with the Contour Elite program you can still have a fighting chance.
Passive Aggressive Walleyes
October 8, 2014
Watching your bait with a depth-finder can give you an idea rather quickly if there are any fish around because if you’re on the right spot they’ll at least come in for a look, even if they don’t hit right away.
Western Walleyes by the Number
March 4, 2013
Techniques for catching fish can vary a bit and depends on the given conditions. Candle’s plan of attack: “What I do depends on how shallow the fish are holding and a lot of that depends on water levels and current.
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