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Rick Olson

2001 RCL Angler of the Year,  2000 PWT Angler of the Year,  1994 Cabela's Pro/Am Championship winner,  1992 PWT Rookie of the Year,  qualified for 20 PWT, RCL,  and NAWA Championship fields,  80 National awards,  29 top-ten finishes,  50 top-twenty finishes.
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Destination Walleye
January 4, 2007
It might seem just a little early (maybe a lot), but it’s the time of the year when you can make some plans and start plotting against the walleyes.
Nine to Five Reservoir Walleyes
November 28, 2006
Jigging spoons get noticed and can attract fish from a greater distance than a set rig. It's also the excitement of actually feeling the bite, and not just setting the hook.
Hot and Heavy Late Fall Walleyes
November 1, 2006
Even if you know where they are and what to use there are times when you might find yourself up against the wall. The fact is lakes can cycle and if you run into an overabundance of bait the going could be a little tough, to say the least.
Walleyes on the Darkside
October 12, 2006
Classic areas for trolling up monster fall walleyes includes anywhere you find current, as well as shallower rocky bars and reefs, especially those that stretch out for a hundred yards or more.
Hot Patterns for Cool Walleyes
August 30, 2006
Where they begin to show up doesn’t always fit into the category of “classic” fall structure, and might be more associated with early season locations.
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