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Paul Folden

Paul is a pro walleye angler & guide; tournament angler; outdoor writer; specializing in reservoir walleyes.

Paul is a veteran when it comes to big reservoir walleyes and is considered one of the top walleye anglers in the Midwest. Paul grew up fishing Lake Sakakawea in central North Dakota and over the course of the last dozen or so years has fine tuned his presentations to consistently put fish into the boat no matter what the conditions.

Rough water is Paul's biggest friend. He thrives on the windy conditions that make fishing a huge body of water like Sakakawea so tough. Paul's reputation for boat control savvy has become as popular as his reputation for his wild, wide-open throttle, rough water runs in tournaments.

One of Paul's biggest asset is that when the fishing gets tough, he has a knack for always finding walleyes when it counts. No matter what presentation is used, Paul is always a threat in the many tournaments he fishes each year.

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